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1 Terran vs 7 Computers (Starcraft Remastered)

1v7 skirmish match in Starcraft Remastered with Terrans against 7 random AI / Computers on the map “Meatgrinder”.




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  1. good, then try it on big game hunters with unlimitted recources, i think u will spend more than an hour on it)

  2. Is the AI particular bad in custom games? I remember enemy tanks sieging far enough away to hit my front line in the campaign.

  3. The AI is just dumb, they should have win they first harass you. And you focus on the other side, it should have been a clear loss to you but the AI is just dumb.

  4. I like RTS' been playing them since 2000, mainly Starcraft 1 and man, I loved the game but I was always terrible online. My random team mates must've hated me, lol.

  5. Ive always loved and always will playing this. Would never get bored at all. His engineering bay in the air for ages annoyed lol

  6. 9:03 when that Terran 1 kicks in. These are the best moments when playing Terran and hearing Hydralisks explode after a siege tank barrage.

  7. I did it countless of time back in my brood war years, but i was disappointed to always finish when computer wasted all his resources in units to get killed on my bunker/tanks/wall… So i tried on Big Game Hunters… it took few hours and lots of battlecruisers but could be very long when i just wanted to do game rule like Only M&M – Drophships,, Only Goliath Push or Nuke Power Game.
    On normal map those games always finished like this one: Computer run off resources and all u have to do it to raze empty base save for all peons on the vespene and win…
    Note: all units stop to count kills past 255…

  8. playing for cpu is fun, i wish the cpu was more robust though and wasn't so braindead but not stupidly unfair that it just gets free minerals (like some maps let them do.,. :P)

  9. I remember the AI being smarter than that. Even if you block the entrance or the back, they'll come with air units and it's all over.

  10. А почему не делаешь улучшения для пехоты на дальность стрельбы?

  11. Война на истощение ресурсов

    Рад что не я один играю в Star Craft столько лет спустят

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