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9.2 Anduin Frees Arthas Ending Cinematic – Sepulcher of First Ones [WoW: Eternity's End Lore]

9.2 Anduin Frees Arthas Cinematic. Eternity’s End. Shadowlands Ending Lore. All Cutscenes. Sylvanas Aids Jaina & Uther in entering the Sepulcher in search of Anduin. Anduin breaks the Jailer’s Domination with Varian & Saurfang’s help. The essence of Arthas remains. Will never be forgotten.

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Of course I added the music in the background silly. I thought this was like a given by now!
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  1. Next Chapter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbX8CzkSFms
    Previous Chapter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsE6yfPciM0
    9.2 Catchup Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZiLrFyxZ7U

    Hiya Folks! Really expected more of Arthas ever since we saw Uther toss him into the Maw with Devos. Such emphasis, and little delivery. And even still, Jaina & Uther had more to say for Arthas, instead of Sylvanas. Especially Jaina. Did enjoy seeing Varian & Saurfang pull Anduin out of Domination (especially hearing Varian's voice & hearing his theme come up – after all those years in Legion). Was such a fantastic moment untill the disenchanted essence comes up. Alas, almost nearing the end, hang tight folks!

    "My Son. The day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the name. Arthas"
    *His legacy will forever live on and his name never forgotten as it lives within each of us.*

    Shadowlands Launch Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGQqABOM9sU
    BFA Story Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcVYsE1yzBI
    Legion Cinematics: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsj9DTvujPEWafMtyPVDt0ClYshZ1lz0Q
    Warcraft 3 Full Story: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsj9DTvujPEXDd_JMlJA-DbarfhnnfjbT

  2. This is what they did with Arthas…I mean I had my thoughts since you never did see him…but seriously…this is what happened to him? One of the most tragic falls in their lore and…barely anything out of him until you find out he was in the fackin'….I'm so glad I'm done with this game.

  3. These developers are not the ones that created arthas, their opinion of what happened to arthas is insignificant. They opinion, will never be true to me. Ceasar made the empire, let the barbaians ruin the empire without support of the people.

  4. So the writers were like:
    "PLS forget arthas we don't know how to do better or equal story like his. Just be morons and forget the lore and give us money"

  5. – I will never trust her!

  6. The last apparition of arthas and just get a spite from edgy archer multi purpouse cumhole of the franchise and thats it…. and somehow the cutscenes are even worse quality

  7. the fact that neither jaina or uther have any final words for arthas is shameful on part of the writers.
    and the line "may the last whisper of your name fade and be forgotten", totally mirrors kylo ren saying "let the past die, kill it if you have to", basically new writers severing their ties to the past that made a franchise great, hamfisting their statement inside the narrative, and we all know how well it ended for SW.

  8. My Theory on future expansions that will focus on fighting the Void Lords 

    Dragon Expansion
    1. Traveling to the dragon isle with Wrathion 
    2. Azerothians meet and ally with different dragonflights
    3. The main antagonists could be some of the Black Dragonflights, the Infinite Dragonflight, Xal'atath, and the Forces of Shadow (Void). 
    4. Galakrond may possibly be resurrected and become a major threat. 
    5. Azeroth is a dragon world soul reveal? The only races I can think of during Azeroth's earlier years were the protodrakes (dragons) and normal animals. 
    6. Focus on Azeroth's early ancient history. (Probably some lore of the First Ones' influence on Azeroth)

    Light Expansion
    1. Turalyon is influenced by the Naaru to have The Light conquer Azeroth
    2. Anduin and other Light believers' faith in the Light will be shattered
    3. The Alleria and the Void Elves will take a prominent role in fighting Turalyon and the Lightbound.
    4. Turalyon will get over his fanatical loyalty to the Light and side with his family.
    5. Some of the Naaru will help the Azerothians (as there are Naaru who helps Azeroth during the final war with the Void in Velen's vision)

    Alliance & Horde Inner Turmoil expansion (Probably unlikely or not. Highly unlikely)
    1. I think there should be an antagonist group in one of WOW's future expansion called The Coalition.
    2. The Coalition are former members of the Alliance and the Horde who wants to destroy both respective factions for their incompetency (worthless major factions)
    3. The Coalition have agents within the factions that made up the Armies of Legionfall during WOW Legion.
    4. The Coalition's existence will make the main protagonists question and see how the Alliance and Horde failed Azeroth. 

    Azeroth's Folk and Fairytales
    1. The different tales are actual events hidden through the myths and legends from each WOW race's culture. 
    2. Each interesting tale regarding the cosmic entities might have a dark truth behind them. (Ex. Elune's dark nature)

    The final expansion will be the final war against the Void. However, Anduin will be old at that time or not.

    The protection of Azeroth from the cosmic forces remind me of the plot from the Attack on Titan manga
    1. Founding Titan (Ymir Fritz) = Azeroth
    2. Marley and world nations = Cosmic Forces
    3. Paradis Island = Azeroth (planet)
    4. Colossal Titans' Rumbling = Azeroth's possible rampage across the cosmos
    5. Eldian Empire = First Ones

  9. If you give an infinite amount of monkeys an infinite amount of writing machines and an infinite amount of time, you will eventually obtain Shadowlands story.

  10. who ever came up with this needs to be fired. warcrafts story was never impfessive after wc3 but it was bearable. this is pure bs.

  11. Why the hell would they do this to my Boy? Arthas plese forgive them, 'cause they don't know what àre doing. Well i'm happy i've stopped playing before this patch.

  12. Complete and utter garbage, pissing on the original story and Arthas legacy. I'm glad the Warcraft universe is dying now. Fuck whoever wrote this. I will never forget Arthas, no matter how much they try to make him irrelevant.

  13. I am sure this goes well with line they are about to release WOTLK classic in a year or so. Also, why is the banshee b1tch still not removed from game?

  14. Okay but I just want to point out that when Saurfang had the Mok'gora and HE WAS ABLE TO SPLIT VARIAN'S SWORD, I thought that was super-significant and now we know why. Seeing him was my favorite part of this cinematic.

  15. As with BFA , time is all they needed , everythings feels like it's rushed : the jailer, saw him literally 5 times with everybody telling that he is the Bad guys without knowing why . His army, same shit

  16. Thanks for uploading for those of us who no longer play… I watch all your videos and then remember why I stopped wow… the story can only be described as yuck 🤮 🙃

  17. Wow. They really did just took massive shit on Arthas. I never even played Warcraft or WoW but I 'm still very disappointed.

  18. At this point I am so confused about the lore … I dont know why something happens anymore and I couldnt care less at this point … Thank you for the video though sorry for all the downvotes. If the WoW chan releases their videos Im gonna go there and downvote but have an upvote for posting it

  19. Sorry but I don't like Sylvanas speech about Arthas "He" didn't make everything wrong he was controlled by the Jailer

  20. Well i am certain Disney should invite writers of this lore and two people from mental institution should be hired to write for Blizzard they would certainly have more sense that current ones

  21. They're undoing everything that happened in WoW, maybe it has something to do with the allegations, I suspect they're also gonna undo The Burning Crusade and even Mists and Cata. It's almost like everything was just a stupid dream. I don't think even Microsoft can save this game. 🤢

  22. The epitome of the Feminism that has gripped the gaming industry (and television/movies), where even the most despicable female character in the lore can still be given a lame redemption arc…..but not the male villain that the entire franchise is based upon (Arthas).

    All the fans wanted the Warcraft movie to be about Arthas. But would anyone want to see a Warcraft movie about Sylvanas? No, because she's trash. Arthas is warcraft, and that will never change. No amount of screaming Feminazis will ever change that.

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