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Anduin Finale Cinematic | Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Eternity's End

Anduin Finale Cinematic | Shadowlands Patch 9.2 Eternity’s End

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  2. I honestly hope the orb was just the "evil" Arthas and the half of his soul is still out there. But then again, Blizzard has promised us things before only to let us down

  3. Today again I was made to realise how shit WoW's writing has become & why I started hating Shadowlands.
    That last line "May the last whisper of your name fade & be forgotten", looks as if was said to us fans by the Blizz current team & not sylvanus. I absolutely despise how Blizz first teased arthas in SL bastion promo to bring players in, only to stab them in the chest with this terrible ending.

  4. Power of plot and friendship saves Anduin, Sylvanas being forced again and blabbing more than other characters that should be talking in this case and Arthas being disrespected like that … What is this garbage?

  5. this closure would've been great and make sense had they actually built up arthas as a character throughout this expansion, make him a recurring villain thoughout the expansion as the jailer's secret ally, and actually be the one who control anduin instead of the jailer.

  6. The end was only bad cuz they keep pushing this slyvanas character n her dialogue was weird af, arthas himself i think was actually fine, depressing, but it was fine

  7. half good half bad XD

    it sad that the writing team has to try to form a story with that crap the old head left behind
    even tho they all told him that bfa story and shadowlands would be shit
    he just kept going on and then left…..

  8. Where are people pulling these you will see arthas quotes from? Cause i remember specifically them saying they wouldnt bring him back in blizzconline

  9. Arthas could have been spared and saved if Uther had not thrown him to the maw, the whole reason arthas was consumed at the forges of the jailer was because of Uther. No way around it. If not for that very act of "revenge" or rather "bloodlust" which also shows how much of a hypocrite Uther is he allowed his passion which was as a paladin "justice" to turn to bloodlust by choosing "revenge" which was dropping arthas into the maw, who delivered arthas into the jailers hands? Uther himself, because Uther like sylvanas wanted "revenge" not justice. arthas shout have been granted peace but was only granted a lecture from sylvanas

  10. its almost 20 years of my life …. how can we forget arthas
    since I was 13 until now ….
    unforgotten moments:
    illdan becomes metamorph
    arthas defeats illidan
    illidan's back
    mannoroth : whaa .. what is this … guldan , what have you done
    archimonde death
    illidan returns again
    and now … arthas is gone

  11. Horrible ending with no justice. Arthas deserved to find peace. I feel like I wasted my time playing this game to arrive at this.

  12. Here is resting Arthas, the true and only Lich King and last hope of Wow. The day He was disposed of was the day WoW truly died. May he live in our memory in all His undeath glory, and His final moments be forgoten forever. An Karanir Thanagor

  13. It's not good and bad. It's just bad. Sylvanas, who routinely blames Arthas for all her crimes, lecturing the Artha's shredded remains while apparently forgetting Arthas was in the same boat as her. He made all his terrible choices and was punished for it. Sylvanas makes the same fucking choices and goes even further damning countless souls throughout the end of Legion til now in Shadowlands, an atrocity even Arthas can't peak and yet….she still around. Fucking WHY?!

    Did Ruin Johnson step in to write this shit? People expecting to see Arthas? Nope! Shit subversion. Here's a wisp of his soul and nothing else. How do we break this super strong Domination magic that we have to learn the fucking language of the gods to have a chance of beating? Subverted! Terribly so! Anduin just tries really, really hard after seeing his dad and his daddy once again.

  14. I'm sorry, but you design an expansion all off the legacy of one character. Not only do you cheapen his importance by having him overshadowed by a bland villain. You use Arthas in the marketing material for the expansion to drive sales then you give him less than 10 seconds screen time as a f***ing glowing orb.

    Did they do ANY QA on this plot. No way someone didn't say hold up, this might be a just a little cheap.

    Honestly hope this whole expansion gets retconned 😤

  15. I started to play Warcraft 3 at 15 years old, Arthas was my favorite, I've always played Paladin in WoW because of him. Now i have 32, it is so hard to see Arthas disappear for ever, a part of my childhood is gone with him 🙁

  16. Three things:
    1. Anduin was saved by the Power of Love. And Plot Contrivance.
    2. Sylvannas almost sounded compassionate when she was talking about Arthas.
    3. Wait, if that's the last of Arthas' soul, wtf happened to the part of him cast into the Maw?

  17. I was expecting the cinematic to be as bad as the expac and be like this:

    Anduin fights his new true nature while Sylvanas knee-slides up to him, yelling, “Nooooooo!” Seeing her, he morphs into blue!Arthas but becomes penitent and the two of them skip off into Stormwind together to rules the Alliance as heroes (and her chest size increases to rival Calia’s, so you know they’re going to fight someday). This leaves Tyrande to be angry-woman all over again and go on to form the next big-bad combo by leaping back through the hole from SL to Azeroth, yanking the sword out of Silithus and gathering all the villains of the past into the SuperFriends of baddies. The baddies will include such notable characters as Magni, the ghost of Cairne, a named Orc (doesn’t matter which, pick one) and Bolvar’s daughter. And they will repeatedly refer to her as “Bolvar’s daughter.”

    So it’s better than that hot mess. But what we could have gotten:

    Anduin struggles as Baine runs to his aid, but is strengthened by the ghost of BOTH his parents – you know, including his mom who can only be mentioned if we’re naming ships 'Tiffin.' He comes to his senses. There’s our Alliance and Horde representation – there’s no need for Saurfang to show up out of nowhere for no reason. Then as Arthas’ soul leaves, it actually looks like him, and the 3 other people who are important in this scene, Uther, Sylvanas and Jaina all get a chance to converse with him. Arthas and Sylvanas each take blame for their parts; Jaina and Uther express their sorrow at how things have turned out. Arthas and Sylvanas realize they share a similar fate based on their actions and leave to atone (see them in 3 expacs). Jaina cries and Uther turns away but it’s clear he’s tearing up as well. Kudos to the writing team if they can use dialogue callbacks in the scene. Cue dramatic music.

  18. This does make me sad. Not the ending itself, but how we got NOTHING from Arthas until the end in which we only get to see a flicker of his soul. It's just so damn disappointing, especially for me who started playing during Wrath. Arthas has always been the golden standard for a character in WoW.

  19. This cinematic could’ve been absolutely amazing, but they dropped the ball right at the last second.

    The music was brilliant – Anduin’s theme into Saurfang’s theme, into Arthas, My Son into Lament of the Highbourne. Varian and Saurfang’s brief return. All great.

    And then Arthas’ legacy just desecrated. This is Last Jedi/Luke Skywalker level of treatment to one of, if not the most iconic Warcraft characters. How anyone thought this was a good idea is beyond me.

  20. God, why cant they just kill sylvanas already. Arthas did some stupid stuff when he was corrupted by the curse of frostmourne but his biggest mistake was keeping that bitch alive.

  21. So Sylvanas can be redeemed but arthas a good man who walked the road to hell paved with good intentions just ceases to exist and gets cursed beforehand. Blizzards bias is showing

  22. ok so… if an entire soul had a body like uther there and all that is left is that… is that Arthas left nut? is that why jaina stay quiet and didnt say anything ? and slyvanas touched it…

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