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Anduin Raid Finale! Asmongold Reacts to END Cinematic of Shadowlands WoW

WoW 9.2 Raid End Cinematic is here! Asmongold watches and discusses the cutscene played at the end of the raid when you kill Anduin in Sepulcher of the First Ones. The story has been leading up to this moment since Warcraft 3…

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  1. I like it how the subtitle from this vid says "Begone then….office menethil!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I want Sylvanas to be killed in most brutal way imaginable and send straight to hell to Twisting Nether or whatever to suffer for eternity.

  3. Arthas and Sylv did the same thing. One because of mind control, the other was just a bitch. Guess who was forgiven and who was outcast.

  4. This time around Jaina and Uther stood by their lost friends' side instead of abandoning him. But Sylvannas gets the spotlight… Sheesh…

  5. Blizzard as usual is absolute dogshit bro.

    They have people there who disrespect this game and are legit trolling

    Fuck them

  6. Sylvanus used to be so cool back in Classic. She used to just chill in undercity with the rest of the BG reps and the fact that she was just silently there was almost cool. They have tried so hard to ram cutscenes into every single raid and have this super dramatic over arching story. I miss just killing boars in Durotar. F

  7. Arthas, and the Warcraft franchise in general, is being killed. It's like the people making the game want it to die.

  8. Why does it feel like they made him a wisp to spite the players? They seem to hate us for wanting cool things to happen. I know they want to do new things but this is EXACTLY why I hate Boruto(Naruto next gen) too.

    They ruined and nerfed all the good characters so no one cares anymore, it is uncanny that the same was done here.

  9. Wows trash proud to say I'll finally be quitting after tbc classic is done been playing as long as u asmon if not longer

  10. Arthas is the best character in Warcraft lore. To not give him a redemption arc is just poor writing. They could have made a new hero class from it, similar to what they did with Death Knights. It could have been huge and players would come back for that. Come back for Arthas. This is mental dysentery. When WotLK Classic is out, nobody, and I mean NOBODY should kill Arthas in ICC out of protest. Who writes this shit? This could not be less interesting. I'd rather watch monkeys wank off. This is supposed to make me want to come back? Epic fail!

  11. You know what this expansion needed? A needless monologue from the most hated character telling us to forget the most loved character while two characters infinitely more deserving of giving a speech are right there.
    Good job Blizzard, continue to fail, I'm sure these writers are getting fired very soon…

  12. For the final moment of Arthas Menethil's legacy/arc…..they turned him into a wisp. Idk about that one ya'll.

  13. I don't really care for any of the protagonists. Their stories took away our characters' stories. I wish they'd all turn into little blue balls and vanish, so then the real story could start with us. Remember when you first start up a new toon? You hear the narrator speak of the starter zone you selected as the camera sways around panning the area before the camera swirls around you and stops center focused on your back, like this is where the story begins is with this ill-fated noob. And that feeling has been absent for about a decade. WotLK was the pinnacle of keeping our player involved with the tale, and after that, we slip ever more down to where now many of us have fallen from our grip and left the game for good, including myself. And now the market is saturated with superior games, so there's no going back for me.

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