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ARTHAS'S FATE|Breaking Down The New WoW Cinematic

The big Anduin cinematic has happened, and yes, THAT character is involved! Today I break down the cinematic, explain a few of the things that some haven’t been clear on, and what it’ll all mean for the future story.

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  1. The fact that FF does have hours of cutscenes after everything is the exact reason I quit playing it. When I sit at my pc I want to play a game not watch a movie with crappy voice overs.

  2. The ending is perfect tho, whats worse for a soul than was tormented and stripped of it`s free will ? No words left for loved ones, no curses for enemies, no pain no joy no nothing, total anihilation. That`s a good ending, we don`t like it because this is just what will happen to humans…. we want the stories to continue, don`t we ? but our story will end just like Arthas`s

  3. all that remained of Arthas as a soul so he cannot be put on trial reminds of the old Blizzard team doing bad things and now new blizzard not really beein able to be put on trial couse it was all changed up so heavily and not yet even given a chance to proove oneself…

  4. I mean the cinematic was just victim blaming the penultimate victim for things he had no control over, and more or less only served to boost Sylvanas even more by letting her state Arthas won't control her life anymore (even though he never did). I'm sorry to say the character was thoroughly ruined and any interpretation aside from that can only be explained as delusionary copium.

  5. For me they ruined Arthas even if he has no physical presence in the cinematic, because they brought him up in this expansion, baited us with the bluether cinematic, view references and made the Anduin/Arthas parallels. Now he didnt even play a real role in the whole Expansion, but his character got reduced from the mighty Lichking and iconic face of WoW into a mere stupid puppet of the Jailer and to an animebulb with no interaction between such important characters like Jaina and Uther….. So my guess is another senior lead designer is trying to sabotage the story XD 🤣

  6. Another thing about FFXIV that they do well, is how they integrate your character into the main story. I feel like WoW has failed for a long time in this. You feel like a bystander, even with them constantly "Champion, blah blah blah" during quests. This, IMHO, makes a huge difference in how engaged with the story you are. You want your character to matter. Yes, we want a cool story with iconic characters that we love, but you have to include us. Not treat it like we're just reading a book.

  7. They may as well have entirely left Arthas out of this story. To have him show up as a glowing ball of energy for about 20 seconds while other characters just talk about him is just SO lame.

  8. We really need to stop scapegoating Afrasiabi for the hyperfocus on Sylvanas. He was writing quests for her since vanilla, back when she was everyones favorite. Danuser made her a shit character, and there was an attempt to bring her back, but out of game stuff ruined that, so we're stuck with her landfill fire and the man in control of the story being the entire tool department of Home Depot.

  9. Arthas has clearly been manipulated and gets this treatment, while Sylvanas has been acting evilly on her own free will for several expansions and she's made out to be the hero. This has literally been my breaking point with wow. Arthas should have been freed, apologise to Sylvanas, Uther and most importantly have some nice words with Jaina and then he should have gone to Revendreth or something.

  10. Call me when Syvanas is dead, her body burnt to cinders, her soul shattered and her name struck from every history record.

  11. They only had 2.5 minutes because it was a mid-raid cinematic, and remembering Halls of Reflection, this cinematic will be seen as too long if people choose not to skip on repeat killings. Yeah, a pug issue, and it is skippable, unlike the HoR situation, but people running normal+ having to wait for people to finish watching this scene will be pulling their hair out.

  12. I think this was the best possible end for Arthas. If he made a “real” appearance half the player base would be pissed no matter what. And, yet, if they DIDN’T show Arthas at all in Shadowlands, people would be even more pissed because they don’t know what happened to him.

    Also, given how Arthas was seen as a massive failure by Zovaal, tearing his soul to bits is actually one of the few things Zovaal does that makes sense.

  13. Arthas' ending in Fall of the Lich King was fine. Satisfactory. His soul returned, he snaps out of the stupor, and you can hear the man he was before his descent into darkness (reminder that Frostmourne literally consumed his soul, and he then went mad from the voices of Ner'zhul (and Zovaal) after taking Frostmourne).

    "Father! Is it… over?"

    Waking from a living nightmare, dying as himself.

    Only for his soul to then go through what's effectively torture porn and then have it be where "everyone should forget you, now."

  14. worst story decision ever made…Arthas"soul" was thrown into the maw, and the only thing the jailer had to use for was the splinter frostmourne has given him. So i got one question, where the fuck is the rest of arthas soul? Where is the redemtion for arthas, the releaf of his soul going "into the light". Where is the teacher, offering his soul, so he can do what ever he had reached for in his life, whenever he wasn´t broken by frostmourne, so he could stand up for justice, and help arthas get what he deserve, for his teacher left him to rot, Redemtion or more like Retribution for his failures. Where is the reenitiation of the flame of love Jaine once lost, by burning the once she loved and swore to never use firemagic again,

    although she´s the most powerful Firemage there ever was. Arthas could have redeemed that flame within her, by commiting that he wronged her, by the same false desition he made, by leaving her behind, by not listening to reason, by not listening to the one who had loved him the most. And Anduin should have been Rescued by the Arthas´s Soul"shard" which could have prayed for redemtion for not himself but for Anduin and therefor could have granted an uprising to be an entity of light, to strengthen Anduin and his connection to light. Anduin could have been taught by Uther and Arthas alike,(yes that could been said to be inspired by Starwars, where Yoda and Obiwan would teach luke things.)but everything i worte here could have been in some relation with the story there was writen before. Whatever that is we have seen here isnt related to the story of world of warcraft or even to the story they wrote for shadowlands itself. As i said worst cinematic ever….

  15. Unpopular opinion from someone who played since WC1. It wasn’t bad. Everyone is trying to find what’s wrong with everyone and it’s kind of insane. Everyone wanted daddy arthas back but him coming back would be a disservice. His soul is able to rest and finally clear itself. Sylvanas blamed him but it was the jailer. That’s the only a bit strange aspect of this cinematic. Otherwise. It wasn’t bad. Everyone having a good time hating rather than enjoying. And that’s okay. It’s okay if that’s how you want to feel.

  16. I also think that their biggest obstacle is the really short format of cutscenes. They are incredibly well crafted and animated and that makes it really difficult to make 10-minute intermissions. I wish they would invest more into them as I'm sure they would have liked more interactions between characters instead of monologues and SOME dialogue.

  17. Michael can you please get your arse to Blizzard and throw the lead story written out the window and take his place. USURP THE THRONE.

  18. What a slap in the face and the balls.
    Arthas who acted for good reasons the way he acted in the beginning and then 100% confirmed was controlled by frostmourne the whole time, which was also confirmed in wow he even did something good as a lich king, is punished and then still from sylvanas…
    Shall I tell why Sylvanas should have ended up like arthas and arthas should stand like her?
    I hope not…

    but fits the time very well as all 'heroes' are shown in stories.
    See Hollywood. We are shown women who are clearly not heroes, not even anti-heroes and are rewarded for it and sold as heroes. Anyone who criticizes this will be attacked.

  19. This cinematic is utterly disgusting to me. Bad writing getting worse. Reducing one of the coolest character into a wisp where awful Sylvanas gave him a final and terrible monologue……this is beyond stupid.

    I realise that I still care about this universe, even though I dont play…but I should stop following the story. Because each time, they find new ways to hurt me. Destroying one my favorite world slowly but surely. Sad, really.

  20. Sylvannas having the final say again… seriously i feel like either Jaina or Uther saying goodbye meant more lore wise than Sylvannas. Lame story writing.

  21. I'm gonna pretend this expansion didn't happen it was a sylvanas fanfic and that's it I want a dragon expansion where we can ignore this.. So glad I can just replay the other expansions

  22. I think Varian is in the Twisting Nether, since fel-corrupted souls aren’t viable for the shadowlands according to one of the watchers during the Limbo quest

  23. The wow players are so beaten up that we see this garbage and think "at least they did not completely ruin Arthas character"

  24. Seeking vengeance was completely out of character for Uther. Arthas was his "son"…. This writting is just focusing on sylvanas and will endup killing all of Metzen's characters, thank you Steve Cuckuser.

  25. The story is just garbage, compering it too ff14 its pathetic, a child culd have writen a beter story for wow =)

  26. I don't know man. Danuser is destroying this game with "destroy what came before you so you can set your own legacy". His way of writting is unmaking all that metzen has made and putting his own fanfic in the game.

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