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Asmongold Quits World of Warcraft? Xeno Reacts To WoW's New Raid That Made Asmon Quit

WoW’s New Raid is here and Asmongold had a bad time playing it for the first time. In this video Xeno reacts to Asmon quitting World of Warcraft and going to play other game. Xeno welcomes Asmongold back to Final Fantasy XIV whenever he is ready.

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  1. wow literally giving people mental health issues and deppression meanwhile FFXIV has every single customer riding high and theyre just injecting seratonin directly into our veins

  2. It's funny because McConnel is asking him; " who are you apologizing too? " And asmon says " to myeslf". Um no, you're talking to blizzard about your hard time and disinterest in the game. They don't care what you think. As a ex WoW player from BFA, WoW is trash. Way better games out here to play in todays gaming world…whether it be a MMORPG or a Open World game. Asmon needs to let this game go and stop hanging on to garbage.

  3. Something I've realized is that almost no one actually likes raiding, they like winning. People will say "I love raiding but everyone else being shit ruins it, I don't want to rely on other people". The whole point of raiding is coordination challenges and working as a team. If your team always played perfectly and you are the only one who experiences any challenge then you might as well be playing a single player game. Wipes and mistakes are just part of the experience, if you can't laugh that stuff off then you won't survive. It's totally fine to not like raiding for those reasons, so it's weird that so many people think it's really important that they like it and instead blame others for ruining their enjoyment. Maybe it's because WoW has no other good content so people think they have to raid or what's the point.

  4. WoW should start using what is considered trash in raids as a way of telling the story and the purpose of why we are in that raid and fighting the boss.
    Not as Npc's you actually fight, but as a way of showing with cinematic story telling like FF do.
    That would also save a lot of design time from building the raid environment as they can just have 1 room in which the boss is fought within.
    And no stupid runback through unnecessary trash. just spawn at the start of the boss room like in FF.

  5. Is just asmon disliking wiping because other people, you could see the same reaction when he raided in his second account doing HW trials and tbc, people actually go above and beyond to try and accommodate what he is saying, but ignore what he says and what he does or just ignore what happened in his second channel because is just the second channel.

    The mayor difference is and he has said this a few times, is not only wiping, is he dislikes wiping in a game where he is "a veteran" compared to a game he is "new player" and this mostly relates to how he deals with wipes in the different games, in wow he rages at his party for messing a mechanic during first hours of a new raid compared to wiping on old content in XIV being super chill even if the wipe was because someone else fault, I said this because there where times while streaming in his second channel he would raid in tbcc and XIV, he would get mad at people for wiping in and old raid of wow but would be completely more calm and chill for wiping in old content in XIV.

    and you can't deny it.

  6. "10.0 will fix it." Ya know, everyone's been saying that since Cataclysm. The next expansion will fix it. No. No it wont. xD

  7. I was very much into Warcraft from the very beginning. I'm talking the original RTS games that kicked off the entire franchise… Orcs and Humans, and Tides of Darkness. As a writer, I'm mostly into the lore of games and the Warcraft universe was phenomenal in that respect. I followed the story, read most of the books.

    But in recent years, they can't even get the lore right. Shadowlands is a setting where I realized I just didn't give a shit. And then the content was so sparse and artificially stretched out by timegating. 9.1 was their last chance to retain me and the blew it.

    After playing through Final Fantasy XIV, my standards have risen so high I'll probably never play WoW again. And I'm finding it so sad that people like Asmongold are still trying so desperately to enjoy WoW… and really… I empathize. I would love it if WoW was great again. If its lore was great again, if its systems were great again, if they could actually give us more than a slow trickle of content and cut this timegating bullshit and if they could actually make raiding fun again.

    But at this point I have so little faith in Blizzard… I don't think it'll ever happen… not even in 10.0.

  8. I think he's been slacking on the borderline mandatory power progression systems, which has lead to issues with clearing content. Even Normal is assuming you're finding your conduits, upgrading their ilvl, slotting them into the right soulbind, grinding renown for extra Stamina to survive mechanics and unlock more player progression, leveling up your legendary items and spending hundreds of thousands of gold you have to grind out or buy off Blizzard, farm out the soul cinders and soul ash to complete the other end of those legendary items and do it not once but twice and on top of it all you'll lose a significant amount of throughput from picking the wrong covenant. Even in piss easy Normal Mode you can lose out on 10-20%+ in damage or healing or so on from choosing the wrong covenant with the wrong soulbinds and the wrong power. Even though Blizzard will raise shields against criticism of their insistence that covenant is meant to be about aesthetic and player choice that's right for your character. Then you have raids full to bursting with tedious trash packs, sometimes a health sponge mini boss or sometimes a mechanic the boss later on has but turned up to 11 to one-shot players just trying to get to the boss.

  9. Asmongold is surrounded by yes men. Poor guy, he needs to get some real friends. Being a twitch streamer sucks.

  10. Yknow what actually, these would be completed more often if there wasnt trash you had to reclear. Because imagine if you were in an Alliance raid, and when you wipe you get sent back to the fucking beginning and all the trash in the entire raid respawned. And imagine most mechanics in each boss weren't really telegraphed well at all.

    Alliance raids would be harder if you couldn't see what the fuck was happening, and if MOST people had more value in ilvl than actual mediocre levels of gameplay ability. And if 80% of people ran programs to tell them what was going on so when its a new raid they dont have that program to them how to play the game lol

  11. The chapters in the asmongold video make me think of Everywhere at the End of Time. Just increasingly more depressing.

  12. If the guy like human cats in grey/blue and red hair as himself that is too much profiling involvement, and it is public on YouTube is going to be a laugh on you and what I understand of choice. Choose what you can accept for a game has for you, not any more than that. Some Games that are online are willing to make fair choices for their company and their players have suggested. Games are for everyone not for a small group assuming their big enough as a country and still are not caring or knowing.

  13. Blizzard forcing raiders to have 15 or more people for normal/heroic (and making mythic raids 20 man only) is what killed the drive for me and my friends, because we enjoyed raiding in 10 man groups even if some of the bosses were a pain in the ass or badly tuned compared to their 25 man counterparts. The fact that FFXIV's raids are primarily 8 man are why I stayed with the game and eventually stopped playing WoW around BfA.

  14. I highly doubt he will quit wow xD. I've seen many wow players complain about blizzard and "quit" but they always go back and play. And that's why blizzard will never change their fundamental philosophy. There's a lot of complaining but very little teeth. I'm not flaming wow players by the way, because I understand. I played wow back then. I know what they are feeling and wishing for. The difference is that I was forced to leave by real life circumstances, and I consider myself lucky.

    edit: I don't miss the game. I just miss the pvp xD god WoW had amazing pvp.

  15. Dude, he's burnt out. I totally feel him, I was the same after 7 years ff11, 7 wow, im on 6 I think on ff14. Friends helped keep me going. But their always comes a time where enough feels enough. Plus friends keep telling me wow is bad for some reason…

  16. FFXIV opened my eyes as well, Asmon just needs to put WoW down, I'm not the guys biggest fan by any means, but watching even him, WoW's staunchest defender, being just miserable, makes me pity him.

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