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Blizzard LOST 3 MILLION Players. Warcraft Mobile CONFIRMED! Asmongold on Blizz Report

Asmongold brings you the latest news about World of Warcraft. Blizzard just published a new report and revealed that the company lost over 3 MILLION players last year and that Blizz is planning a Warcraft Mobile Game for 2022. WoW’s Boosting ban has also just gotten more strict! Asmongold discusses the future of WoW with the new phone game, and what this means for the next expansion, WoW 10.0. Will you be able to visit the Dragon Isles on your phone? Or will Rise of the Aspects be Pay-2-Win and gated behind a WoW app on your phone. Asmongold compares World of Warcraft to one of the most anticipated MMO Lost Ark, and explains exactly why Blizzard should remove the WoW Token from the game.

0:00 Blizzard Lost 3 Million Players in 2021
0:50 BIG Announcement: Warcraft Mobile Game!
9:31 How Tier Sets Will Drop… Why, Blizzard!?
10:39 WoW Boosting Ban Just Got Stricter
15:58 Will WoW Become Easy & More Accessible?
22:37 The Big Problem with WoW’s Game Design

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  2. if they removed the wow token they would take the ability of people to change currency into real life money , and that would eliminate the pw2 completelly , and shiting on making the game more accesible to casuals and saying git gud is a 2 iq argument , hey dickwads nobody says the content needs to be made too easy just more accesible , and btw casuals keep your game online , the harcore crows is like 10-20% of any mmo , without the casuals the game` s dead

  3. I am very excited to play WoW on mobile. I have to have a phone for my job. My phone also functions as my TV so I didn't buy a TV to save money. Now I can forgo a PC and save even more money? Yes plz! Especially if it has a 1.5 GCD like Classic WoW it'll be very easy to play.

  4. I literally bought WoW for the first time 5 days ago and I honestly am having a great time, hoping blizzard/Activision can pull this back for the older players, it's a shame seeing all these players quit, luv the content Asmo keep up the good work! I leave your videos open while I'm level grinding in shadowlands and just zone out 🙂

  5. To the point of you can play without add-ons in mythic. Some mechanics are impossible on mythic without weak auras. Queen azshara the decree I'd say is impossible. Unaat the 3 different things. The problem is, that the interface that comes with the game is total shit. It doesn't show you any important information. Try healing a raid without any add on when you sometimes need to react in under a second or someone dies because your BoP was to slow.

  6. All noobs qqing for raids. Only idiots and noobs play non stop raids and dungeons xaxa 😂😂😂😂 PvP is the truth in this game idiots

  7. lost ark already killed everyones hopes for diablo 4 if it ever releases i for one am going to be to preoccupied with lost ark to give it the time of day blizz is dead dead no memes no jokes officially dead.

  8. Reminds me of when Jagex had the incredible idea of preventing player-to-player trading from being anything other than the average cost of the items on the Grand Exchange. Which was basically the stock market and in which you couldn’t set your own prices at the time if I remember correctly. So, for player trading you could only accept equivalent value of the GE average price. For the GE average price to go up or down, numerous transactions of an item had to be increased or degreased slowly in gradual amounts of like plus or minus ten percent of the average. Bat. Shit. Insane.

  9. 👏👏👏👏👏 yayyy….PHUK WOW!!!!! I used to love that game but over the years they completely ruined it and made it more of a life sucking chore ( like cleaning the latrine with a toothbrush!!!) than a game. Along with shutdown tuesdays, nerfing the characters, dumbing down the talents, destroying character customization And every stupid exp pack the sht green drops were better than the epic gear that took you all year long to get literally spending your life in raids they FAILED their " paying" customers !!!!!! You can get more fun and good times having a no anesthetic root canal and colonoscopy simultaneously than playing WOW these days!!!! Screw them, I hope they keep losing subs and self delete!!!!

  10. Rofl, I like how people's response to Asmond wanting the game's difficulty to be integrated into the game rather than using a tool which invalidates tons of potential mechanics and encounter designs "get good".
    It's not even that the game would get "easier", it's that far more simple mechanics and more fair and thematic telegraphs, providing the same degree of difficulty for players, because it effectively adds dimensions of design space for blizzard to take advantage of that they can't now, because an addon can just tell people precisely what information they need to know with a degree of precision that is literally behind human.

    I also never used DBM until the day I quit in WoD. It's not a question of being good, it's a question of it being generally acceptable and expect that people will install a handicap for themselves onto the game and that is the standard by which player skill should be gauged. It's the same shit with gearscore (turned item level) and achievement linking (which iirc was actually predated by a 3rd party website), it doesn't actually require players to improve at the game by becoming more knowledgeable or evaluative. It just acts as a handicap to simplify information about the game into a single less skilled solution.

    People just like the sensation of being good at the game, because someone else forced blizzard to design "harder" fights. Not because they were so good that they could obliterate the content and blizzard provided harder content as a result. 70% of the WoW's raid difficulty can be attributed to the guys who made and maintain DBM (difficulty that was probably a good thing as actual technology improved), then probably 10-15% can be attributed to other combat addons, and the remaining 15-20% is probably not from 95+% of y'all.

  11. Whats the point of Blizzard made a WOW MOBILE if they come also it the "Montly-Paid" shit! LUL
    I Played WOW for 15 years, and im the 1st to say the game is fucking dead…

  12. This isn't necessarily a bad thing to have WoW have a mobile version. If they can pull off what the guys at Eve did then it could be a fun game. Granted both versions of Eve-online PC or mobile are heavily pay 2 win games, meaning money can increase skills and a few other things. Now that Microsoft owns blizzard maybe they won't lean so heavily on microtransaction but who am I kidding they will.

  13. mobile market many years ago moved from premium to f2p. then the added vip. p2w. battlepass and other stuff followed. if the do it on mobile it be dead. and i disagreed on tho say it cant actually help the francise. if its done good the get revenue or and make it cross platform (what wont happen)

    runescape maked it to mobile…. cross

  14. blizzard want diablo on mobile too the didnt deliver yet. and want diablo and world of warcraft on both….. same year lolzzz

  15. I don't get it, why would you still support a game with your hard earned money, that clearly doesn't give a f*ck about it's player base, remember the mount in-game in store for a mere $700, or that time that your complete top tier sets became worthless because of heirlooms or the monthly subscription fees going through the roof. Having to do more maintenance then actually having fun playing an actual rpg…Or…do you just like supporting the very company that clearly only gives you a run for your cash???
    Fuck blizzard and especially wow…

  16. I hope they make it like how order and chaos 2 was. Not after all the dumb pvp updates. That game was actually reay good for the first play threw and dungeons and all. But then the game died. Shit was fun af when there were still big guilds active doing pvp arena and world.

  17. Prolly gonna be like the mmo rpg Warhammer. Complete garbage! I hope not so I can make some content with it. But I doubt it.

  18. as long as is it well done and not pay2win i dont see the problem with a wow mobile. i have an 2021 ipad and has higher peformance than many wow players laptops. in current state no matter how many subs it has wow is pretty much dead. let them resurect it on mobile.

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