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Can You Beat StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty As A Pacifist?

Hey, thanks for reading this. In preparation for a future project I am trying to do a quick informal survey of RTS to better understand people’s opinions on what they like. If you have time would you consider filling it out? It will take around 5 minutes.


-Cool Second Channel Stuff-
Mass Recall: (Starcraft 1 in Starcraft 2)

MindHawk’s Gauntlet:

I Stream Friday/Sat/Sun:

Intro – 0:00
Liberation Day – 0:33
The Outlaws – 1:31
Zero Hour – 3:35
Smash and Grab – 5:46
The Devil’s Playground – 6:59
The Evacuation – 7:46
The Great Train Robbery – 10:50
Outbreak – 11:48
Welcome to the Jungle – 12:49
The Greater Train Robbery – 14:04
Breakout – 14:49
The Greatest Train Robbery – 15:52
Safe Haven – 18:00
Cutthroat – 18:32
Engine of Destruction – 19:03
The Dig – 19:23
A Sinister Echo Of The Future – 22:15
The Moebius Factor – 23:21
Media Blitz – 24:36
Piercing the Shroud – 30:07
Supernova – 32:25
Maw of the Void – 33:00
Hekkin’ Gates – 33:46
Shatter the Sky – 37:45
All In – 38:40
Outro – 45:26




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  1. For a future project I doing a quick, informal, survey of RTS players to better understand people's opinions on what they enjoy. If you are interested in helping me out, It'll take around 5 minutes. https://forms.gle/QVjTXxZA8QK5Tky8A

    I would really appreciate the help!

  2. can you explain the glitch for being attacked when you collect terazin pls i'm stuck on this mission with my tchat

  3. I think that stripping somebody's shield while they're stuck in an area that kills anybody without a shield means you murdered them. Just slowly. It's like trapping somebody in a burning building.

  4. What's funny is that after all this pacifism, and the lengths Jim went to not harm a soul, he straight ices Tycus in the ending cutscene

  5. "I head back not knowing nearly enough about zerg biology." Don't worry, Jim will investigate that for you once Kerrigan is back^^

  6. "All In – Survive for 30 Minutes And… 8 Seconds? Because It Couldn't Just Be A Nice Round Number, Could It? Thanks Microsoft."
    Microsoft? This is Activision Blizzard.

  7. I don't know if this would change your mind but…
    in the last mission when you hit kerrigan you don't actually kill her, you could say you force her to retreat
    with that in mind maybe attacking kerrigan is justified? but only her.

  8. Wouldn't the last mission be possible if Hive mind emulators were to be utilized? It is kinda stretching the idea of pacifism, but that is probably the only realistic way how to actually win that mission.

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