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End of the Line | Barny's Scarab Lord Adventures | World of Warcraft Classic

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00:00 Intro
01:43 The Hope of Kalimdor
04:30 Barny Beekeeper Plushie
05:40 Blue Shard Questline
10:15 Red Shard Questline
12:19 Blackwing Lair Red Shard% Speedrun
24:04 Ransom
26:05 Draconic For Dummies
27:56 Green Shard Questline
29:29 Nightmare Fragments
32:13 Ashenvale
35:19 My Lucky Charm
36:41 Cat and Mouse
45:17 “Watch the f*cking tail!”
48:27 Dopamine Points
50:12 Adventures with Eddie
53:27 Something’s not right…
57:06 Blizzard Servers
01:01:46 Prologue

all music used in this video can be found in this google doc ▶

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  1. hi guys, i had to trim a 13 second bit out of this video around 28:00 as, despite being a royalty free song, someone was trying to claim ALL of this video's ad revenue citing that song as something they owned. i'd rather just trim it out and have that be that than deal with the broken youtube copyright system which places all the risk on me should i try to defend myself.

  2. Trying to find which mix of what I'm sure is bad apple at 12:56 is driving me nuts lol , I can't find it in the doc, even checked the last to see if it was misposted. It's not the 80's version and I don't think it's any in the giant mix of them. Is it just not listed or am I really this blind and inept at finding it?

  3. It always makes my eyes water listening to the sheer amount of relief and happiness at 56:12. I can't even begin to imagine what it must have felt like. To FINALLY have the scepter after all that planning, stress, work and effort. The briefest respite before continuing. Love your content Barny, and I'm so happy for you. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. <3

  4. I have no idea how, but 37:40 triggers the goddamned Bixby on my phone and returns searches for Mardi Gras. This was enjoyable to discover at 3am

  5. We need more wow vids, and new ones two ,L.
    No I'm not done there u need to really try something like pvping. I love these vids barny, ur funny, and I'm sorry about ur hardrive but maybe a tbc questline I know u don't like retail same here. Xd. I need new vis tho.

  6. Great video – Definitely not possible without the kindness of those amazing friends or guilds that took the time to accompany you in this awesome journey!

  7. One of the best things ive ever seen has been this series simply amazing and kept me at the edge of my seat the whole time

  8. A Scarab Lord over on Retail and this video brought back memories of doing this insane quest chain! Even today with 100s of mounts I still only use the Scarab Lord mount when not flying and agree entirely with Barny in a desire that it can also fly.

  9. Holy fuckin shit, you weren't kidding about being a little lucky charm in and of yourself. Finally got a great job offer halfway through watching this video after months and fucking months of unemployment. I fucking LOVE THIS CHANNEL

  10. holy fucking shit dude you are amazing. i'm so glad i didnt read comments before i watched this, what a ride, congratulations dude!

  11. Hi Barny, while waiting for this video, i moved out my apartment, found a girlfriend, got engaged to her, got a dog, dog is now an adult, moved to a new town, got a house and is now happy.

  12. I don’t even play wow but I watched the whole series in anticipation after being recommended it by another LoL player

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