Home Starcraft EPIC – Scan (T) vs Shuttle (P) on Circuit Breakers – StarCraft – Brood War – 2021

EPIC – Scan (T) vs Shuttle (P) on Circuit Breakers – StarCraft – Brood War – 2021

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  1. An absolutely epic game for sure! And as for the war in Ukraine – here is a brilliant and objective review of what led to it https://youtu.be/If61baWF4GE

  2. Falcon I’ve said it before, but there’s really not enough same race matches on this channel. Last time I did say this, you were kind enough to point me to a nice handful, some of which I’d not seen. However, you gotta admit, you generally see TvP, PvZ, and ZvT a LOT more on this channel. I’m fielding for some ZvZ in particular

  3. Absolutely, u need air to counter carriers with only goliaths in the end u lose, I personally prefer valkeries-12 and 1 science vessel to delete their shield I kill 8 carriers, and had 5 valkeries alive in the end of battle if u can erase all the carriers shield, cause some times they split them! Than u need about 5 more for 8 carriers..

  4. Even just ONE arbitor recall is enough to bring carriers back to base and shield battery them so they live longer

  5. Wraiths, Goliaths, Scouts, Carrier, now, i'm happy. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
    B E S T G A M E ever. 😍😍🤩🤩

  6. Small detail, but do you guys notice how late Scan built his first barracks? He built it an scv late and had about 100 minerals excess. What would happen if any player mid built rush him? would be gg

  7. In Warhammer 40K (which SC stole from) the Big Space Marines (Terminators) are not wargear, but rather mining suits (SCVs).
    Given how much technology humanity has lost these lost-tech mining suits are superior to current-tech battle armor.

  8. Great content as always! Shuttle is one of my all time faves. He did an ASL where they played on sparkle which was an island map. Could u cast those or just some games on that map? Keep up the great videos

  9. I love Shuttle but GG Scan. Please get more Scan on channel. His casting with Artosis was awesome and his play seems to be just as awesome!

  10. 19:45 honestly, for me, as a Terran, this is one of the most awesome moments of all BW PvT replays I've ever seen.

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