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Eternity's End: Raid Preview

Put an end to Zovaal’s plans and save Anduin from his Domination magic in the Sepulcher of the First Ones!

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  1. Does having shadowmourne or more important having the shards of Fristmourne change anything in shadowlands last raid cut scene … if no ..arthas menethil is still my king like it or not

  2. Why ingame Cinematics? Come up with more of real CGI Cinematics in the next expansion pls. It's some part of Blizzards Soul.

  3. What happened with cool dramatic story-based cinematics for content patches? No? They gave up long ago? Oh, right. Yes.

  4. Feels like the Last Jedi all over again.
    Some woke writers thought they could do better than the original, but first they must destroy the foundation, so they can build on top of the ashes, and this is what we are left with. An abomination wearing the skin of something used to love.

  5. terrible ending you said you would do arthas justice yet you failed him. no wonder you keep hiding your cinematics when they get more dislikes then likes.

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