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Fastest Map Ever – Brain (T) vs Leebokgu (P) – StarCraft – Brood War REMASTERED 2022

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  1. I saw Lockdown from thumbnail….I instantly clicked and watched b/c Lockdown is such an underused ability that I wonder why the skill is not used more often 😀

  2. ghosts are also effective against interceptors since they are considered small units. In theory marines are better however marines have an infuriating tendency to delay their attack animation (as do turrets) and so they often glitch out and don't shoot correctly. Ghosts don't seem to have this issue and their attack does more damage and has a longer range. The only issue is that casting lockdown is a real PITA especially because clicking on individual ghosts is difficult for the average plebe like me

  3. Protos could have finished this game with that river drop, he forced on carriers, should have gone mass gateways(had 10k minerals)
    and pump, dragoons, Archons and zealots with speed!

  4. Where can I find replays like those? All old sites are almost empty or with much less interesting games – where do people get good replays these days?

  5. Wow! Thank you for the upload. I thought for most of the game that the Terran would lose. Carriers are scary. That Terran play was even scarier, though.

  6. Probably the most impressive win I’ve ever seen. The micro required for that is infinitely harder then unloading a high Templar and storming

  7. Another thing, those golliaths are underrated.. You're the only caster who actually sees that they can be very good for ground damage in numbers.. they ate those zealots for breakfast.

  8. losing shit means nothing in money maps.. it's infinite resources.. It's really just about slowing someone down and out massing them and being able to reinforce to keep killing their reinforcements while disrupting the income flow so you can over power them… Losing a specific battle doesn't really mean shit.. so they can drop reavers all they want..

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