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GRAND FINALS: Maru vs. Rogue – Starcraft 2

Highlights from the starcraft 2 finals between Maru & Rogue, an epic best-of-7 series.

Match: Maru vs. Rogue
Casters: Zombiegrub & Wardi
Tournament: ESL Pro Tour Winter 2021 –

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  1. "If i just get these lurker and vipers up, build up a bit of an army, maru will be on the back foot and I'll be able to crush him"
    "Hmmm, vipers, lurkers, roach ravager. Lets get him to drag my tanks into an ideal firing position, kill off his roachs and have him think he's getting an advantage, then just marine down his newly exposed backline"

  2. Been awhile since I've seen Thors; Maru bringing out all the tools ! Those Mutas were looking scary in that final game…

  3. This is so disappointing. These guys are playing their hearts out for the grand prize and when its all over they are just two guys sitting at home with no crowd to cheer them on. Comon' man.

  4. 19:55 terran OP, there's no way he would have survived that if instead of lurkers they were tanks the DPS is just insane…. but whatever noobs cry zerg is OP

  5. yea those two are on absolutely different level of skill, Rogue is pretty much just abusing the broken mechanics of zerg economy

  6. I like how the zerg brain works: if your opponent is on two bases – put double as much and still hold it; if you lost a hatchery – build 2 hatcheries instead.

    Where to get money for all that, also the only race that can trade half of the game ineffiecently, and still be in the game. The answer is obvious, zerg economy is broken af, race should be fixed, creep should be removed or reworked down to broodwar mechanics

  7. Whos e girl caster? Needs to be fired. “ AlOt of dEeeemAgE” “alot” “get backtomingingdrones therewego” like wtf i want lowko not this horsebreath

  8. ZombieGrub is such a good caster. One of my absolute favorites, along with Rotti, PiG, Harstem and Catz. But nobody of course compares to Day[9] and Husky back in the days <3

  9. I don't really like listening to ZombieGrubs commentary, nothing to do with her knowledge or anything, it's just her voice, it's like listening to Fran Drescher commentating as the nanny for 50 minutes. Not hating on her, but I physically can't listen to it for that amount of time without getting a headache, lol.

  10. KING OF BATTLES next week. Which Maru will most likely meet Clem again on the way to the final and will probably win. GSL ST S3 after that. Then G5L next year. 🤞🏼. Then his elusive Holy grail, IEM Katowice 2022 🙏. Then it will be cemented. GOAT

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