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GRAND FINALS: Serral vs. Reynor – Starcraft 2 World Championship

Highlights from the Starcraft 2 World Championship Grand Finals between Serral and Reynor – Serral vs. Reynor play an intense Best of 7 to determine who is one of the greatest starcraft players of all time.

Watch the Starcraft 2 – IEM Katowice World Championship:

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  1. Was playing sc2 with a friend when he sent me a link to the last game of this series live. We started watching, commenting everything. And seeing Serral win this live wars REALLY cool. 10/10 experience

  2. This Series was incredible. Serral finally achieving a convincing victory over his long time rival, taking home that championship and of course, in true Finnish fashion: Not smiling once while doing it.

  3. When the final game of a 7-game series is barely past half-way into the video, you know it's gonna be an absolute banger.

  4. I would love to know the calories these guys burn playing a series like this. Hell, I can't even imagine what their brains are doing to play like this.

  5. The fact that you can counter corruptors which only shoot up with mutas that are faster and also shoot down is stupid to me

  6. One common mistake a Zerg player makes is if your opponent is bringing a dark templar, lurker, ghost and wraith with them the Zerg Player forgets to bring an over lord.

  7. "Flying around like a bunch of useless jellyfish in the sky" – why you gotta hurt them corruptors like that man? XD

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