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How World Of Warcraft Accurately Predicted The Future

World of Warcraft has been one of the most popular games since it’s inception. Players around the world dedicating all of their time and energy to advancement within the game. But at one point World of Warcraft was hit with a plague never before seen that had real world impact far beyond the reach of the players in the game. World of Warcraft had unlocked the key to a world it didn’t even realize.

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Written by Ash Mitrano
Edited by Nick Murphy



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  1. Well if you are correct that would certainly explain how our governments managed to totally screw up the management of COVID-19. Darn idiots should have realised the staggering differences between how people act online and how people act in real life, noobs.

  2. before 2020 i never would think there would be ppl to willingly spread a virus that kills ppl in real life…. i was wrong.

  3. I love that you guys make your videos the length they feel they should be, instead of pushing to 10 min for ads. We appreciate you guys ❤

  4. I could never get over the silly childish ascetic of wow. i always figured everyone playing just ignored the hideous graphic design.. give me elder scrolls, offline.

  5. Connecting this to the real world was giga cringe. We get it, clickbait. But it was a super stretch and when you went there not only was there very little real content, it was pretty watered down without much meat.

  6. Didn't even need to click on the video to know this would be about the Corrupted Blood virus. This topic has been covered by medical magazines and a metric assload of other channels basically since it happened, and even more so since covid came a-knockin'.

    When are people going to actually ADD to the wealth of things that have been said about this virus, and acknowledge that Corrupted Blood was all a part of The Jailer's evil master plan?

  7. Wow is at it’s lowest point of all time. The game has fallen in quality and none of the original devs that made the game popular in the first place work for the company any more. This is why other MMOs have dethroned it.

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