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How World of Warcraft Almost RUINED My Life…

Man did this game bring me down to my knees…


Narrated by: Saberspark

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  1. Oh yeah man. Got all the way up to 275 pounds and all I could think of was raiding and pvp. Really hurt my early life and ruined my school life. Thank god I got kicked out of my house and had to go cold turkey. It happened right when Deathknight was released. For timeframe sake.

  2. I'm honestly shocked how well WOW could get people addicted? I played a lot of MMORPGs at that time but couldn't get into WOW because I thought it was boring and like any other mmorpg. (Out of all the mmos I played Tera was my favorite combat wise, I wasn't much a person for the lore) Maybe because I wasn't into the lore like my brother was since he had been playing since Warcraft III and was reading fanfiction and going on forums about the series that's why he was more into it than me. He would literally wake up to log into WOW until he had to go to bed every day. He played it so much he would go weeks without showering. Eventually he came to terms with his addiction and finally has let go of WOW but my dad still plays (yes my brother brought him into the cult) to this day every day. Not as long as my brother but he will spend about 4 hours each day playing.

  3. It's easy to get rid of Facebook & ain't shit Twitter, Instagram is okay all they ask is just for users to be civil & respectful to each other.

  4. What if in an alternate timeline, every video game in existence was 20-40 minutes long to beat(or less for the skilled players)? Even for RPGs like Pokemon. If the laws had set a limit for video game lengths(had they known ahead of time about addictions and its harmful effects)? How would gaming have been like? And what would've changed about yourself and everyone who's game addicted?

  5. this is what worries me about trying out other MMORPGs like Final Fantasy 14
    cause not only would I be addicted, I'd be selling shit just to keep up with the monthly fees

  6. I remember as a kid, my dad was obsessed with MMOs and he had a second account for me to join him on adventures.

    As messed up as it sounded, he never wanted to work "with" me. Just have me work "for" him. He'd have me work as a henchman who was there to supply him with items he needed from professions he didn't touch. He wouldn't do quests with me and instead had his GF play with him and I was always left behind. He did the exact same thing back in Everquest.

    I did eventually find my own way but ultimately it was rather lonely, even on an MMO. The saddest thing is being aware that strangers wanted more to do with me then my own dad.

  7. I can sort of relate. i spent a very long time playing adventure quest worlds and had similar experiences, except it was through middle/high school. i had stopped by the time i got to college, but by then i was overtaken by playing super smash bros

  8. I had a friend once who met the mother of his child on WoW. And another one who was pushed to the brink of suicide because of how addicted he was to it and he lost almost everything in his life because the only thing that existed to him was this game.

    I never played, but I was quite addicted to RuneScape for a time. It did mess up a lot in my life at a time, I quit my job for it and nearly flunked out of school myself.

  9. For awhile I was heavily addicted to the game towards the end of high school and beginning of college. I got into the game around then due to a girl I was interested in at the time being into it and wanting me to play the game with her. After we had a falling out and stopped talking a year later she stopped playing all together but I didnt.
    I played it continuosly for years beyond then, up until warlords of draenor. I had friends on there and it felt like a place I could belong. Due to something that happened in warlords in my personal life with another friend I slowly started to lose that connection to the game. For the first time I felt lonely there rather than welcomed and it never really game back for me.
    I do still play from time to time to this day but mostly because I want to see how the story will progress and thats mostly it. I dont really play it for any length of time beyond just the story quests. I do play ff14 as of last year but even that never got its hooks into me. Maybe I fell off the mmo train but I just dont feel super inclined to play such time sinks anymore. Id rather play games I can play for short lengths of time to get the story and move on, and not have to sink so much time into one.
    I did have alot of fun and made friends i still talk to this day so for the most part I wouldnt take it back but I do wish i had seen how much damage it was doing early on and slowed down a bit.

  10. I never got into WOW. part of it was I didn't have internet. So all my games were console. Online console gaming didn't really take off until I was close to graduating highschool. Computer online gaming was huge, but I didn't have access. I did have game informer, and read WOW had a profiting rehab center. I was never interested in the gameplay anyways, but hearing about WOW rehab got me to associate it with other bad addictions and never took it up. I have my addictions, my vices, and gaming is one, but it's yet to hit the point my life and work suffers. I'm glad I never got into WOW, I don't think I could have crawled out. Overwatch is kinda proof of it. Good for you Steve. Good for you.

  11. My brother used to tell me how he was addicted to WOW, like I always watched him play COD or other FPS games but he said WOW was different, and like everyone else he'd be up until 2am in the early 2000s. Some time later recklesstortuga came out with their Online Gamer series, and how their protagonist needed help n stuff I thought it was very timely 🙂 and around then I think he took a break. He does DOTA now, idk if that's better lol. As for me personally I had more an addiction to finding "the thing" that would make my dopamine satiated 😂 tried a lot of things, still nothing 💀💀💀. Thanks for sharing

  12. I came in late as my mom did not like the idea of paying mothly for the game (menwhile she did just that just to a pyramidscheme)
    But even when I first got into it in Pandaria i miss that time soo much, Im not sure what it is i miss, but it pulls in me..
    Worst of all, I have severe social anxity so I would only play with my bf and his friends and I never made friends or got into a guild. I would just run around, level and enjoy quests.
    If I tap in, I will make a new charekter and just levl.. I want to tap in so bad, but the game is falling apart, I will not support blizzard, but I watch Bellular so I get reminded of why I turned away but still get the story 😂

    Honestly if blizzard/Activision payed their emplyees fair, and had resonable time management and expectations the game would be better and maybe easyer to close down as you have to put hours in to suceed right now..
    But addiction comes I many forms! And some people are more prone to fall in and not be able to get out, I hope people take care and regonize the warning signs :/

  13. I know what you're getting at, I could probably say a bit of the same about FFXI… However, saying that WoW nearly ruined your life is a bit of a misnomer. The game is just a game, it's the addictive nature of your personality that is the true cause. The game merely hit the buttons by existing. Part of recovering for me, was admitting that ~I~ was the problem, not the game itself. I play FFXIV now in moderation, with strict controls, and I am so glad I took control and responsibility for my actions.

  14. I wouldn't downplay the MMORPGs that came before WoW just because WoW was the most popular and it was the first one you played. I started MMOs with Final Fantasy XI and it became my entire life for almost 3 years. In fact, when WoW came out later on after it, it felt so simple, causal and easy compared to FFXI that it never really drew me in and got me addicted. I liked WoW, but it was always just a game I played. It was never my entire life like FFXI was.

    That said, I can completely relate to everything you are saying. I also have ADD and hyperfocused on FFXI. It was all I thought about every day, all I wanted to do with my life for almost 3 years. My very first relationship was a girl I met in FFXI and dated online for months before moving across the country to live near her. (My online relationship didn't workout either, even after moving to be near her.) This all happened in my very young adult life, so the perfect time for me have no one to stop me from playing FFXI 16 hours a day on my days off. I can't imagine how my parents felt knowing I was now too old for them to stop me from wasting my life every day and just up and moving across the country for someone I really didn't know all that well. I even ended up influencing my much younger little brother to get as addicted to FFXI as I was, and he was barely starting high school at the time. I watched my mom get mad at him and stop him from playing all day everyday while she couldn't do the same to me and I still didn't get it. I just kind of felt bad for him.

  15. Man this reminds me of my addiction to Roblox when i was 12. Thankfully that addiction made me reflect on me as a person as my parents just gave up & accepted my addiction of playing games.

    To this day I'm still addicted to Roblox, but i don't play the game as much anymore as the people behind it are getting really scummy.

    Also me not playing games too often. Made my parents proud of my progress/maturity as a person.

  16. Remember, playing games for 4 hours a day doesn't make you addicted. Letting your school or work work suffer makes you addicted. I have played 80 hours of Horizon: Forbidden West since it came out 2 weeks ago and that's fine, since I still managed work and relationships and cleanliness successfully. Just gotta recognize what is important to get done and stop playing to do those things. Phone alarms to indicate important times to move on to other tasks can be useful.

  17. 1:25
    I'm so deep into this stupid game that I instantly knew where exactly where you were the moment you logged in, Hillsbrad's farms, despite the fact that the building you're in is copy-paste in a hundred other zones.

  18. I wasn't addicted to this game and it still managed to ruin my life for a short time. I did love it, played regularly, raided, all that fun stuff. But for a while I also had the rest of my life together. But oh man, I left for college, my boyfriend moved away for school… and we both spent basically 24/7 on WoW after that. Too much change all at once, WoW was comfortingly samey, the person I loved was there, …and I have ADHD too, so once my time was eaten away, there was really no hope of me being able to get that back under control by myself.

    Yeah, this game will steal your life when you least expect it. But seriously, leading raids gave me some of my most valuable, early experience on how difficult it is to manage people.

  19. Ok i'd say maybe I have an addiction to wow, I play it upwards of 8 hrs a day depending on the day, but jeez atleast I can put it aside when I need to, like going to school, studying for exams, projects and going to work :V

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