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Incredible StarCraft 2 Battle Cinematic

Air strikes, a cool Ghost, and Zerg on conveyor belts. This from the 13th mission of a custom campaign named Odyssey.
This is not clickbait, it’s legitimately the best SC campaign cutscene I have ever seen, and I have played pretty much every custom campaign available.

Download it here to play:




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  1. THATS SOOO GOODD! I love how despite there's no audio, I can hear the intake voice over for the unit. Of course the naming kinda throws me off, but the plot thickens!

  2. I watched this video randomly like 3 years ago and now i am playing the actual Odyssey campaign on SC2.
    Just awesome

  3. 2:26 : I would love to see a realistic fight Thor vs Ultralisk, like the Archon vs. Ultralisk-Fight in the Legacy-of-the-Void-Intro.
    I mean, the moment, the Ultralisk comes in close combat, the Thor should have difficulties aiming with his weapons, because the Ultralisks blades would block his arms.

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