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Jaedong (Z) vs PerfectMan (P) on Olympus – StarCraft – Brood War

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  1. Thanks for another Perfect man match..also I really like that zoom out feature. You can't do that in a live game…right? 😂 bro your content rocks. The downside is I can't listen to any other starcraft casters now because I know quality. What makes Perfect man so good is that he's actually a strong competitor for Jaedong but we don't know him well. Very interesting.

  2. Hey FP! Thanks for the vid, always fun to see Jaedong in action. Hope to catch ya Sunday during your livestream! 🙂

  3. looks like good missed opportunity to cannon contest Z 2nd base, P has perfect timing scout which Z not see at all and forge already done, just not going for it.

  4. Question: has anyone here played the map twilight struggle and can you link a strategy?

    Also, where can I find custom campaigns without viruses?

  5. I lost my interest in Starcraft about a year ago, but when I see Jaedong vs Perfectman, I instaclick, no questions asked.

  6. When they put the minerals and gas in one spot times geysers was&Is the proven skill of a Magic play of a nostalgic player !

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