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Last (T) vs Mini (P) on La Mancha – StarCraft – Brood War – REMASTERED

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  1. How does starting position influence the outcome in 2P matches? Specifically, opposite corners vs. adjacent on a 4P map? I am wondering if Zerg is advantaged being a bit closer or if Terran can prevent Protoss from expanding etc.

  2. Absolutely love this content. Probably the only reason I still have YouTube to be honest. Keep em coming !

  3. 3:40 maybe cause of the high APM that they play with and he just didnt hit the hologram of the machine shop

  4. Thanks for the cast. Got a bit of BW hype going with ASL S13. Managed to get through group D (with Scan and Nyoken, good job) when I saw the Tastosis casts just began uploading today. Keep doing what you are doing, thank you Falcon Paladin.

  5. I love hearing/seeing Siege Tanks siege-up and then the Dragoon death sound/animation, it's like a delicious sandwich of both Peanut Butter and Jelly instead of a sandwich of each by itself, like they were meant to be together… <3

  6. Is there any purpose to APM spamming? Keeping fingers warmed up, maybe? Or is it just a consequence of Goodhart's Law?

  7. Watching a Zerg victory: Man, Dark Swarm and Ultras are OP.
    Watching a Terran victory: Man, Tanks and/or Irradiate is OP.
    Watching a Protoss victory: Man, Storm and Recall are OP.

  8. Hey falcon! Love your content. How do i share my replays to you and how do i upload them to youtube? Or could you makea brief "how to" thanks in advance and our family loves your weekend replay videos me and my daughter wait till my husband gets home to watch it as a family when he gets home from work!!! Have a great day

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