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Maru's 300 IQ SNEAKY GOLD BASE – Starcraft 2: Maru vs. Solar

Maru vs. Solar in some very interesting Zerg vs. Terran games, a fake terran rush, a sneaky gold base and many many widow mines.
Match: Maru vs. Solar
Casters: Artosis & State
Tournament: Starcraft 2 – GSL Super Tournament 2021:


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  1. Solar played like a fucking silver this game… so many mistakes. Running lings into death over and over, attacking some random depots when there were scvs right next to it, rallying lings over and over to the exact same place losing a bunch along the way, morphing bane lings right in front of marus face. I cringed so hard

  2. hrm. why can't zerg just straight up fight terran in pitched battle? seems op to me. ghosts wreck most things. marine/tank take care of everythign else. no combination of units will stop this from zerg.

  3. second game shows the reason why i stopped playing after the release of void.
    thats not enjoyable or fair gameplay.
    its just stupid mine drops that can instantly cost you the game for 2 sec of not seeing it. starscraf turned so much into that kinda stuff its really offputting for more casual players.

  4. Mines OP… try to tell me they are not…there should be like a second long cooldown before mine starts shooting after it burrows…. it should be called microatomic bombs atm… the only difference is it is faster… What to do against it… If THEY can do nothing lol… You wanted to stop Serral, I would not be surprised lot of zergs are mad right now… I play R Sad fact is hellions suck, so its terrans only choice 😀

  5. i never believe in the sound proofing bull crap, they clearly respond to the crowd, happens in every esport too

  6. I'm actually really liking State's commentary. He's very observant about the micro and tactical details, while Artosis goes off about strategy. Also his style has zero ego and tons of energy, which is a great complement and very approachable. Don't get me wrong, I do greatly enjoy Reynor for example picking apart the players he's casting, but that style isn't something I want to listen to when I just want to kick back and relax.

    Also helps that Artosis seems to be a lot more friendly and engaging with his (non-Tasteless) co-caster. I do recall a couple of GSL casts some years ago where he was cold, almost hostile to his co-caster, and that was really weird.

  7. Given the IQ number you assigned, I'm going to assume that this gold base move is only half as good as what Rogue did XD

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