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Maru's BATTLECRUISER RUSH – Starcraft 2: Maru vs. Dark

Maru with a cheeky terran battlecruiser rush vs. Dark during the Teamliquid Starleague 8.
Match: Maru vs. Dark
Casters: Zombiegrub & Steadfast
Tournament: Starcraft 2 – Teamliquid Starleague 8:


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  1. Made a mistake with the lower third at the beginning (DRG vs. Serral) – Make sure to tune into the TSL 8 finals this weekend: http://twitch.tv/tlnet

  2. I may be weird but I'd much rather watch the full game without edits casted. Do you have a chance for that?

  3. Steadfast gives me the confidence i need to go on. Imagine being absolutely clueless, trying to hint at things or a "famous adage" that a caster who's been around for years, and has played at a very high level, has absolutely no idea what you're talking about, "The G word"…I'm not even going to get into that one. Embarrassing. Don't do that again, for your sake, and the fans. "little bit sus"? Ultras were absolutely perfect after the ghost count had been reduced to soak energy for a remax. HARD focusing on a single mistake made, repeatedly and just over all being generally awkward, so much so, that you legitimately ruin the other casters ability to analyze and talk, CONTINUALLY getting lost trying to think of examples or metaphors. yet STILL get the opportunity to cast a game and have it uploaded. Steadfast being allowed to cast this is definitive proof that, as long as we DONT act like this, we can achieve anything.

  4. This female caster is being held back by the male caster. She casts this great but they have poor chemistry

  5. Sc2 has become a joke man. Wings of liberty was the best. They change the game every few weeks… Do they have flying, teleporting, splash damage probes yet?? Sounds like theyd do that

  6. That was a good showcase of a use for Ultras. If you lower the ghost count after trading out your army, a remax on Ultra ling bane can just hammer through the opponent. Dark did an amazing job with multipronged attacks with nydus and run-bys.

  7. I like Battlecruisers but I get the feeling every time Maru uses them for a rush he loses… He says in interviews that he hates them

  8. This shows how imbalance ZvP are even for Maru!! Where are the static defense for the Terran?? Don't even dare tell me planetary do the job because they don't clearly !! There should be auto turrets (remove them from ravens and replace with mech healing disk) Flaming Betties helllllo!!!! Also tanks should Always be behind bunkers the only reason players bring them infront is because Terran doesn't have a reliable moving AOE !! Banshee if they had their barrage ability would do the trick! Mines are on a cooldown base and the mech unit that replaces firebats is just plain bad without its ability smart servos!! Also for God's sake ghost should have their double shot ability in place of that steady targeting and why for the love of God we don't see players snipe the overseer (should kill 1 shot with that double tap ability) so that they can clock safely !!!!

  9. The announcers said it! As long as Dark makes lings he’s gonna win the game! I think Dark is a great player but Maru is easily a cut or two above him as a player. Still can’t beat those lings though.

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