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Maru's MASS-THOR STRATEGY – Starcraft 2

Maru with some great Mech play vs. Ragnarok, massing thors and battlecruisers.
Match: Maru vs. Ragnarok
Casters: Demuslim & Rotterdam08
Tournament: Starcraft 2 – ESL Last Chance 2022:

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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void is a standalone expansion pack to the military science fiction real-time strategy game StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, and the third part of the StarCraft 2 trilogy developed by Blizzard Entertainment. On this channel you will find Starcraft funny moments, micro, highlights, plays and a lot more! starcraft 2 vods




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  1. Hey everyone! As you might have noticed I've not been posting too many videos recently. Got super busy with my job and also been really consumed trying to find a place to live. Rent in Amsterdam is crazy expensive, but hope to move there soon. Videos will continue to a more normal pace the coming weeks, with 2-3 videos a week on average.

    Got some personal ideas that I've always wanted to write out on the future of Starcraft, there's so much opportunity just looking at the size of the audience for SC2HL/Lowko/Harstem/GiantGrantGames. Personally hope for a bit of a resurgence this year, but changes do need to happen to make it more appealing to play for the casual audience.

  2. Gosh I missed watching Maru so much, loved the first game a lot, the second game though was surprising, I was sure that he loss the game the moment the broodlords started pounding at his production, but the guerilla siege tanks and hellions managed to do enough damage for him to hold on with his Thors.

  3. Ragnarok did some beautiful plays. But I wish he did more on the upgrade front. Seing +1 armor being researched at the last minute was disappointing. Also, why did these corruptors had to commit suicide? 😟

  4. at around the 1:40 mark the commentator says it isnt a big investment and isnt 30 lings, when in reality its 32 lings, and its still not a big investment even at that amount of lings.

  5. blinding cloud is a chain that absolutely drags terran mech through the mud, theres a reason my mech sucks and is not meta at all

  6. From the Makers of Kaijus vs Jaegers we have the award winning director called the "4th Race" in Starcraft Maru.

    Bringing the much anticipated sequel THOR 2: Tanke and BC starring Rambo and with special appearances by Rocky and the Terminator.

  7. 4:16
    Zerg/Protoss army value is a bit more expensive than the Terran army still Terran wins…
    StarCraft 2 in a nutshell.

  8. 4:11 I thought Rotterdamn said "We're 40 minutes into the game" and I lost my mind about the sudden time jump.

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