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MUST-WATCH Starcraft 2 Match: HeroMarine vs. Solar

An incredible game between Heromarine and Solar going down to the wire, Heromarine and Solar both playing a great terran vs. zerg.

Watch the Starcraft 2 – World Championship:

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  1. Glad you are putting these out again! Literally every post is quality unlike certain unnamed channels that just puts out unedited videos with 75% of the titles containing "EPIC".

  2. Immediately thought "I wonder if this title is just clickbait" but after that first match, naw this is definitely a fantastic match.

  3. Man what a run for our boy Gabe, so sad he almost made it to the grand finals as well, so excited to see if he will be able to keep this form and win any premier tournaments throughout the rest of 2022

  4. Madre mía qué pedazo de nivel. Es increíble cómo juegan estos jugadores profesionales. Están tan a otro nivel que no me entra en la cabeza cómo se puede jugar así. Fantásticas partidas. Gracias por el vídeo 🙂

  5. Harstem and Rotti did some fabulous casting, and this was a spectacular showing out of the Biggest of Gabes and Solar

  6. I chuckle a little every time you or Lowko call a game the game of the year, but I watch it and love it every time any way.

    Maybe the game of the year was in our hearts all along.

  7. I love this skirmish gameplay, so many really important fights. I love a deathball as much as the next guy but it can be a pretty boring gameplay style to watch in my opinion.

  8. this is terran vs zerg at it`s finest
    heromarines massive tank and marine pushes reminded me lots of starcraft broodwar plays what i really enjoyed seeing at last
    reminded me a bit of the good old days with jaedong vs flash though i might go 2 far here ^^ 😉
    a great entertaining series of matches we saw here
    congrats 2 heromarine from a fellow german
    great plays (pushbacks, holdons, comebacks, nidusdistractions and backstabs) by solar

  9. Props to Harstem, very natural pace and knows when to lay back and when to add his insights, compliments Rotti very nicely who is of course always on point himself. When you have great matches like these between the top players it’s a shame when the interplay of casters is off and I personally find it incredibly distracting. I’m sure Harstem not been doing partnered casting as long as some of the others featured on this channel but those guys and girls could learn a few things from him imo.

  10. just watched the 1st game. AAAAAWWWWEEESSSOOMMMEEE !!! incredible great game !! best game i ever saw so far i would say !
    kk i`ll go on watching !! enjoy everybody !!

  11. heromarine looked like clem in these games. Just absolutely pushing the pace to the limit and overwhelming the zerg

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