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Patch 9.2 Has Surprised Me… [REVIEW]

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It’s time to dive into Shadowlands Patch 9.2! Have Blizzard done enough to make this worth resubbing for, or is an expansion refresh needed to get WoW back on it’s feet?

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  2. Already bored of the patch.
    TOO MANY systems, stuff that drops, wierd items and shit. Cant take energy into doing 15 different things

  3. Zerith Mortis is just a reskinned Korthia with identical mechanics, so your argument makes little sense.

  4. As someone who has been farming rares and treasures like crazy — I have never once run out of energy on pocopoc.

  5. I have to say this, 9.2 hasn't suprised me. Blizzard has done the same thing again as Korthia and the only things changed is really nothing. There is still grinds you need to do, they change things up for no reason. I even posted on line about the flying going from week three to week four. I was given a band from the forums and everything I did was in the right. I have pics of the message of the band including what I said, and I have a pic of how I replied. I called blizzard out for pulling another D2 move like when they pulled the LAN party out. They tried to get sneaky and for being a little guy calling them on it, I got banned. I'll send pics where ever if you want them Bellular

  6. I like your videos , but what i dont like is your videos over time is build around u mememe you not talking anymore for all of us your prefer"ence not fun but beside thad i still like most of it

  7. thads your opinion i kinda like those choices and i like the timers sow u can while waiting hunt or do somthing els 🙂

  8. I like Bellular, but his videos are nothing but bitching about Blizzard anymore.. going off on new names for things?? Crystalic Spheroids, not sepharoids . At least get it right while you whine, Bellular. 🙂

  9. Anyone else tired of hearing people whine about WoW disrespecting players' time?? Tons of videos from streamers and content creators… These people play for 8+ hours a day. If Blizzard made the game easier and quicker through content, then these same people would complain about lack of content.

  10. I thought the zone music was terrible. I had to put Skyrim music on to get it to be bare minimum interesting.

  11. All these timers really just mean one thing to me. Blizzard isn't (and hasn't been for a long time) convinced that their game can ACTUALLY hold people's attention.

  12. I like that blizzard said back in mop: it feels bad to go to the raid or dungeon and then not be able to equip the item, it feels bad to get a reward and not able to use it
    blizzard in SL: lets make a system that makes people earn something but they have to wait to see the effect

  13. I kinda wish there was less mobs to enjoy the zone. I’m not gonna go hard on this patch. I’m still gonna raid with my guild, twice a week. But I’m probably not gonna dive in to deep. Elden ring is awesome 🙂

  14. "A new currency" at 8 minutes in: my eyes rolled so far up in my head I could see my own brain. Screw WoW and its endless "new" currencies. Same old crap wearing a new costume.

  15. The energy thing feels quite petty, you do not have enough energy, well now you just have to sit here for 12 minutes in dread. No, you can, do some professions, mine, herb skin etc, you can kill a rare that appears all the time, you can look for a chest, there is plenty to do while it recharges.

  16. Now that zereth mortis is here i can say that is the most boring zone. Good graph design, exceptional music…but i have really no reason to stay there and kill stuff. The console time,pocopop energy, it has no sense at all! All of these should be optional stuff and u give a brake to my experience? Really…just give me the rares that drop the freakin mount Not the freakin 10 days wait! So stupid design…

  17. 9.2 is awesome….it has a Nagrand/Star Wars/Metroid feeling to it and some how they pulled it off nicely.

  18. Exploring their own ideas. Honestly man, it feels like Blizzard has been pissed that we aren't playing the game the way they like to for the past couple years.

  19. Ok… What art direction? More green and lets put squares and circles every where. The landscape is so boring. I thought I was playing Halo origins of 343 Guilty Spark.

  20. The zone still very distinctly shadowlands. The lore isn't really engaging. The systems are just about dragging peoples subs out.

    It's not all bad – as i can actually play alts again due to the amount of gear they throw at you. And there are some nice querky things. And there are less chores to do. Best patch of SL.

    But at this point, i'm just waiting for the next expac to see if they can fix the game. Stop it with these chores. Stop it with these borrowed power systems. Get us back to relatable lore.

  21. Duuuuude it is so unfair that you're bashing Blizz for making a zone of rares and treasures and "trying to recapture the Timeless Isles"! As a long time viewer of your channel, I can't tell how many times you've nagged on about wanting Blizz to create a new Timeless Isle, and now you're flipping on them? You've been part of a large voice in the community who, rightfully so, loved Timeless Isles and wanted a second go at a zone like that.

  22. Not gonna lie, I dont care about the systems for zone much and if I didnt watch your video, I would definitely miss out on the mount system farm.

  23. Never expect a game to keep you entertained every day for months and months without fail. Even if it used to.

    The FFXIV Devs and community are ok with you quitting to play other games for a while and avoid burning yourself out. It’s expected.

    Why is that not ok with WoW? It’s ok to come back, play for a 2-3 months, experience the new stuff, then leave and wait on new content. Stop pretending like it isn’t just because it’s WoW.

  24. 23:45 That’s fine.

    WoW’s gameplay has never been the issue. The gameplay has been the same for the last 12 years. Dungeons, Raids, PvP. All of that has always been mostly great, with some notable exceptions.

    Class design is subjective. Though I think that brief period where offensive cooldowns where on the GCD did really suck for most people. But for the most part the gameplay remains fluid, varied, and well structured for most specs.

    World content and Side content is hit-or-miss. Always has been tbh. Most mmos don’t do that well with this imo.

    The systems and reward structures they’ve added in recent expansions are the problem. Also, the game is terribly balanced.

  25. Everything bad about the Cypher system I’m gonna ignore. Because I can just ignore the system lol.

    Yeah, that’s not ideal. But a problem I can ignore is basically not a problem.

    I simply don’t care

  26. I know this isn't important to most people but, are there no new command table missions for 9.2? I spent months levelling up followers and it looks like they haven't even bothered to update this feature 🙁

  27. Taking a break for one patch and trying to come back the many systems and the upgrade legendary process seems so confusing.

  28. a bit confusing? the lore is a bit confusing…
    String Theory is a bit confusing. wow's "lore" is a frickin mess with the sole purpose seemingly being creating more and more plotholes.

  29. "All this would need to be one of Blizzard's best patch zones ever is solid game design."
    "All this house would need to one of the best places to live in ever would be to build the missing walls and add the roof."

    Seriously though, if you wanna know my level of enthusiasm for this new content just play the video at 1/2 speed and take note of how excited Bell sounds.

  30. Ive wanted solo queues for rated bg's since like… wrath of cata… idk i was teenager when i wanted that and now im 29.

  31. This is not enough to convince me to get back on WoW. They screw up the plot so much that I lost any interest.

  32. Reviewing something that isn't even available yet.

    – A symptom of a larger issue with the community.

    I don't like it.

  33. I just can't be bothered. I quit Shadowlands almost a year ago, my main's renown is like 34 or 36 something like that…i got like 208ilvl. I just can't be bothered with all the farming.

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