Home Starcraft StarCraft 2: Astrea's OLD SCHOOL Build Orders vs Lambo! (Best-of-5)

StarCraft 2: Astrea's OLD SCHOOL Build Orders vs Lambo! (Best-of-5)

Best-of-5 series of professional StarCraft 2 between Astrea (Protoss) and Lambo (Zerg).

Lambo’s tournament explanation:

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. 32:40 This reminds me of top chess meta. Top level play, the "optimal" games are already perfectly explored, known, and memorized. There's so many openings that will almost always result in a draw. Announcers will literally say "He's going for a win" if a player takes a less optimal, or unknown path, that introduces complexity and with it, the chance for victory.

  2. 5 drone kills before the oracle arrives is like that joke "Bruce Lee throws a grenade killing 20 people, before it explodes" LOL But DAAYUM! Astrea is super good !! Changing up strats and playing like a mad lad looking forward to see him playing in the next IEM

  3. Astrea seems to be favoring more complex armies (as opposed to a predictable build order) with a little of everything. Honestly, I think they work well together and play off each other's strengths and weaknesses. Fun to watch.

  4. beautiful to not see protoss flying around the whole time for friggin once!

    and gotta admit, this was one of the best protoss vs zerg in the last month's, just for the different unit compositions!

  5. I havnt played in quite a while, and I dunno if this is present in the game or not but it seems like its not: wouldnt it be prudent for Blizzard to add a feature to SC2 where if you have a large group of units selected at once, with different casters in that group, then you get a tray of ALL of the selected casters abilities available to you from out of that whole group? That way you dont have to have each individual type of caster control grouped in order to micro their abilities.

  6. "That was an epic movecommand"

    What is Lambo talking about? Honest question, I can't tell if he's at himself or the opponent.

  7. I really enjoyed when he said North America had some really good players. Because I as a North American am completely garbage at StarCraft

  8. Astrea is going to liberate some precious vespene gas from South Korea and Finland.

    On another note, anyone else notice not many (at all?) Russian pro players featured in casts? Or are there Russian casters that have that whole scene covered?

  9. USA! USA! oh yeah!
    I love ya Lowko and you Euro's play some kick ass Starcraft so I enjoy your casts the best. (Harstem second)
    I like how innovated Astrea played these games. He's thinking like an American. That first game he played Lambo like a fiddle.

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