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StarCraft 2: Back-to-back BATTLECRUISER BATTLES! (Maru vs Dark)

Best-of-5 series of professional StarCraft 2 between Maru (Terran) and Dark (Zerg). Amazing gameplay of top-level StarCraft 2.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Man that last game was like a extremely hardcore campaign final mission, nydus everywhere, swarmhosts, battlecruisers, thors, ghosts, One of the best series I've ever seen , these guys just make me remember how mortal I am, Dark was impressive as well, if he wasn't as impressive as he was in that game then Maru wouldn't have shined that bright Kudos to both players. Simply Amazing

  2. I’ve been watching you steady like two weeks now all videos are super entertaining and fun to watch but the clever dialogue and awesome personality you exuded in this video caused the commitment to sub lol thot you’d like the input. Great content. Ps: I’ve never played Starcraft. I play league and Albion recently.

  3. Me playing tru campain on brutal loosing sometime to bots thinking im badass .. hehhhh these dude would murder meeee

  4. Also you should get someone to make you a t-shirt for Jimmy to wear when you zoom in on him that says Lowko And subscribe on it

  5. Honestly people forget to hit the Subscribe button even though they probably would want to support it, so you have to remind them. Also you are producing legitimately good content so it's okay if you asked us to subscribe LOL

  6. Gosh, this cast was hilarious XD. Just some awful zingers sprinkled throughout, good stuff.

    Keep it up Lowko! Loving your casts! And SUBSCRIBE

  7. I like listening to you while I study or play starcraft, been picking up and playing RTS again and having a break from other strategy games, TFT and all plus Rpg and moba.

  8. First time I've ever noticed that the creep tumors have a casting animation when the active tumor spawns a new one.
    Looks like it's covered in blinking eyeballs, spooky

  9. I found the Swarmhost discussion really interesting from a game design perspective. I also play Magic: the Gathering, another game heavily focused on efficient research use. And in MtG, free 'units' (i.e. spells) have a similar history: they're either useless or, whenever a slightly better version is printed (comparable to a buff), completely broken. Interesting how incredibly difficult nuance when it comes to free units seems to be – regardless of the game.

  10. Maru showing Terrans absolutely insane efficiency with the Ghosts and Mules, wild how much Terran can do with no workers off of basically those two things. At the caliber of play of Maru ofc.

  11. These guys really make it look like it's a different game. I can't imagine how they keep paying attention to everything at the same time.

  12. you should reduce the volume of your microfone when recordin mate.. every single time you blast into my head set

  13. I was at the Homestory Cup like 3 years ago and i asked for a Signature of Rotterdam and totaly ignored you. Looking back i feel bad because in this cup where i had Backstage tickets i figured that u was really a nice guy interested in this game and Roterdam was one of the biggest assholes i ever meet in my life. I really acted bad against u and now i feel bad because you are the shimering bacon of Starcraft casting and Rotti is like his name pretty rotten from his character. I Hope i can anyhow equalize my failure with this apologize. Go ahead that way and please stay the way you are. Thank you =)

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