Home Starcraft StarCraft 2: Clem vs Elazer is INSANE Zerg vs Terran!

StarCraft 2: Clem vs Elazer is INSANE Zerg vs Terran!

Clem & Elazer lose more units in a single match than most players make in an entire season.

Starcraft 2 Wardi TLMC16 – Clem (Terran) vs Elazer (Zerg)

Starcraft 2 is a Science Fiction Real Time Strategy & Tactics game by Blizzard Entertainment! Check out to play for free, download via the BNET launcher and find guides and more information right on this channel!

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  1. these are so nice to watch , something more than the usual openers and drops and macro games , was truly enterteining

  2. Why are investors so under utilized in ZvT? Fungals on those retreating bio armies would greatly improve trade efficiency. Neural parasite on the thors would keep the mutas alive longer. Am I missing something???

  3. What's the best response for Terran here? I think 3 defensive sieged tanks behind the m&ms would have done wonders against all those (zerg/bane)lings. Still tough to prevent friendly fire with those banes rolling so fast.

  4. You show a lot of amazing games but this was something else, amazingly evenly matched between these two. Genuinely jawdropping to watch

  5. thats cause the game is so fucking boring doing stupid shit like this is the only way to enjoy this dead ass game

  6. All these Thors dying to Zerlings out in the field.
    I feel like it would be better to just keep the Thors at the bases and spam way more widow mines.
    That End was Epic.

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