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StarCraft 2: Cure NUKES HIMSELF?!! Serral vs Cure – EPIC Zerg vs Terran

Starcraft 2 legends Serral & Cure show a Wings of Liberty style Terran vs Zerg. Nukes, ghosts, brood lords and infestors cause some painful flashbacks.

Starcraft 2 is a Science Fiction Real Time Strategy & Tactics game by Blizzard Entertainment! Check out to play for free, download via the BNET launcher and find guides and more information right on this channel!

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  1. Hearing mention of that absolutely legendary scarlett vs maru game made me go back and watch your cast. Also made me realise I haven't seen much of scarlett lately! She's my absolute favourite player. Would love a cast of anything she does.

  2. I’ve been fortunate enough to watch husky StarCraft, hdstarcraft, and totalbiscuit commentary. This channel is the first one that revivals the dedication and love that I grew up with. Please keep up the humor and good work. You are truly great and your passion is commendable and noteable.

    in sc1 , the dropper…the transporter for Terran, I forget the name..I'm ttrying to find out what it says When you clicked on it. I hear her say "in the butt, divide by five" . What does she actually say, if not In the butter, divide by five! ? Does anyone know? Does anyone even know what I'm talking about? In the butt, bye bye bye?

  4. Damn, that game on Blackburn was amazing. Serral had Cure convinced that he could still win for 20 minutes, but as a spectator we see Serral has 10k minerals in the bank.

  5. I haven't played much SC2 so newbie question: Don't overlords have detect anymore? Seems like mines hide from them a lot or maybe I just don't understand how mines work.

  6. really really enjoying your videos dude, just started watching earlier this week and you're phenomenal !

  7. Fungal is fine. Parasitic Bomb is fine. Brood lords is fine. But allowing the same race to have all 3 is insane. Zerg late game is op.

  8. I remember two or three years ago when supreme TvZ lategame was the terran pushing with nukes at the front moving forward inch after inch until it kills the zerg

  9. I do not understand why cure went for mass vikings in the first game. Maybe because he already had upgrades for air from libs, maybe because they are more expensive than thors? It feels impossible to micro that many vikings from para bombs and fungal

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