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StarCraft 2 – Epic Best of 7 | Serral vs. Reynor | IEM Katowice 2022 Final

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
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  1. Oh my god reynor is a full blown grown man now. Weird but also incredible to watch him grow up and improve in the scene despite starting at the top

  2. Serral in first game after scouting Raynor's gold base: ahh ok, I guess it is an equal game now, bring it on!

  3. Female caster 'zombiegrub' sounds like a 13 year old boy, the wrong voice for casting and the wrong caster duo for the finale. There are MUCH better casters that could provide far more insight but you can guess why she was selected…

  4. What an amazing mach, Starcraft players are insane 💪💯 Thank you for the watch and Congratulations to Serral 🏆

  5. final game i thought was over after the fourth was taken out. I guess the advantage of teching to way more lurkers and vipers later on won for him? but it seemed like he could have fallen apart at any moment. But maybe the lurkers just assured him of victory the entire time and im a big noob

  6. Россия не будет нападать на Финляндию. Страшно.

  7. To all dumbasses saying zerg is imbalanced. It's the player pool that's imbalanced. Zerg has 4 god players, Terran has 1 (Maru), Protoss has none. Protoss gets shit on by Serral so much that his win rate vs Protoss is nearly 90% in 2021 (not sure if it increased past that). You think buffing Protoss and nerfing Zerg will change that? Who's going to carry Protoss? Trap, Zest, Zoun are only the top Protoss of Korea because their gods are in the military/retired. Europe/NA doesn't have any god tier Protoss too.
    The race are pretty balanced now. Think what will happen if Protoss is super buffed that Serral's ZvP will become 50%~, what will happen to other Terrans and Zergs when they fight Protoss? They'll just get trashed then? Round of 8 will just be 7 Protoss and 1 Serral? Because that's what going to happen because Serral is that strong in ZvP.
    You dumbasses can't recognize that the problem is the skill of players. Blame the other races for not producing strong players to carry their race.

  8. The two best sc2 players going head to head! Boring matchup, but what are you going to do? They are both the best. Get infested or get wrecked!

  9. Рейнор дёргается как эпилепсик после каждой выйгранной катки, ему бы к невропатологу сходить…

  10. I don't think the game is that heavily imbalanced really. With many of the top Terrans and Protoss going into the military like TY and my boy Parting the majority of the best players are Zerg players. Some balance issues such as late game for Protoss are necessary to address, but this is also the ebs and flows of SC2 player pooling. The game changes dramatically when top players from South Korea retire for obligatory military service.
    This was also a hell of a finals, thanks for posting!

  11. Top 6 players were all zergs except 4th place which was terran.

    StarCraft really need one more balance patch or then there should be reward for best terran and best protoss too. So they could decide who is the best after all the zerg players. Otherwise everyone should just play zerg instead of terran or protoss.

    There has been zvz finals for long time pretty much for every tournament, but this is now getting ridiculous. If one race keep dominating this badly then who can take game serious anymore in future?

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