Home Starcraft StarCraft 2 EPIC DUEL! Maru vs Reynor – IEM Katowice 2022

StarCraft 2 EPIC DUEL! Maru vs Reynor – IEM Katowice 2022

The defending StarCraft 2 World Champion Reynor takes on the current #1 ranked Terran and 5x GSL Champion Maru. Battle of the titans.

Starcraft 2 World Championships – IEM Katowice 2022 – Maru (Terran) vs Reynor (Zerg) – Best of 3

Starcraft 2 is a Science Fiction Real Time Strategy & Tactics game by Blizzard Entertainment! Check out to play for free, download via the BNET launcher and find guides and more information right on this channel!

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  1. "More one sided than a mobius strip right now."

    This is what keeps me coming back, Winter. You've got a hilarious way with words.

  2. Epic series, didn't Reynor say in some interview, when asked about Maru, "this guy doesn't know how to die" or something like that? Lol

  3. Took a break from my competitive Starcraft viewing, but man does it feel good to be back with Winter on the mic 🎙

  4. What I'm assuming is Nvida broadcast cutting off the Fusion Core battle cry is sacrilegious and a crime! How dare it.

  5. That must have been getting quite demoralizing for Reynor. At many points it looked like Reynor had the game easily won. He had 4k minerals and 3k gas stored with max supply lol. Props to Maru. He gave Reynor quite the scare

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  11. When you say 5x GSL champion, you're counting Super Tournament? Man I thought I'd missed a huge historic event.

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