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StarCraft 2: EPIC MATCH – Cheese vs Cheese into Macro! (Bly vs KingCobra)

Epic game of StarCraft 2 between Bly (Zerg) and KingCobra (Protoss).

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Bly is one of the best players to watch as a spectator, he is always fun to watch. And he is probably the only Zerg player that I find myself rooting for when I watch a PvZ match. Great video!

  2. I feel like both players had more to offer. There were so many expos left on the map. Can Zerg not grab expansions and start trading aggressively? Edit: OK, I see he started doing that around 24 minutes, but I was figuring he could have done it sooner.

  3. I just realized that your balance patch was for grandmasters who are not the top 5. What a strange perspective to balance a game from. Either you balance for the top players in the world, or you balance for casuals. You don't balance a game for try hard's lol.

  4. Thank you Lowko for this great cast! I was very impressed at KingCobras Viper snipes. I would have loved to see how many Vipers Bly acually lost!

  5. I do feel it’s a balance problem, not because overpowered units but not enough units to make plays happen. Wish there was more variety in units

  6. Sometimes I feel so bad for SC units, like those 5 zelots trying to do a runby on a base where there are 5 ultras + a bunch of queens. It's like "Are you sure about this boss? Alright…"

  7. Unbalance?
    Talks about a 250 minerals worth zerglings killing a bunch of 500 minerals worth zelots =/
    It happens a lot of times in this game

  8. It is such a pleasure to watch Bly play this game! I do have to tip my hat to King Cobra also, he made Bly sweat for sure. Thanks for bringing us another beautiful game of SC2!

  9. how the hell is zerg balanced? I've seen so many games and in late game. zerg has 80% chance to win. 95% against protos.

  10. Unfortunally zvp late game below GMs is favorite to Toss. Zerg must be octupus to use all his spell casters. Toss he just a-move you.

  11. ITS OFFICIAL… LOWKO is asking for a massive Protoss BUFF!! 😅🤣😂 "It seems like its balanced around the top 10." Do you not realize there is typically only 1 Protoss in the top 10? Its balanced around all tournament results. PvZ is currently 52% which is pretty good.🤓

  12. I have been looking for a "ground view" video, but can't seem to find one. I have seen small trailers and screenshots or what not, but wouldn't it be pretty cool to see 2 massive armies going at it from different rotating ground views as if we were standing on the battlefield? I think that would be sick

  13. Hiii sorry i have a question, i cant see the hotkeys for move arrest and other, i just have on the bottom part of the panel the building hotkeys.
    Anyone know how i can fix it? Ty a lot!!

  14. "SC2 used to be balanced around Grandmaster, but now it is balanced around top 10 in the world, which I guess is a higher priority."

    Is it though? The company gets more money if people like to play their game. If for 99% of the playerbase your game is poorly balanced – these people will eventually quit, and it won't help your game one bit that 10 pro players are still playing it.

    Blizzard was making the same mistake for a loooooong time with WoW – they balance and develop it aroun top 1% raiders as well as the bottom 1% super-casual players who just don't care about any balance so you can do whatever. And this leaves 90% of their actual playerbase constantly frustrated and/or disappointed.

  15. So the only way to win a PvZ is to abduct the P units 😀 If you can't kill the imbalanced, you must become the imbalanced

  16. You pointed out something interesting. Zerg won the air game handily. But because the only Zerg air unit that can acutally do anything against Skytoss is the corruptor, they couldn't actually do anything against the rest of the ground army. Meanwhile basically every unit on the protoss side can attack both ground and air.

  17. On Lowko's point that on the very top, Zerg lategame is stronger than Protoss, that's because the skill level of Protoss pros are way below that of Zerg pros. Which is why we usually end of with Zerg heavy top placements in tournaments. However, balance-wise, Protoss is the stronger race, as shown by the results of lower than the absolute top of starcraft.

  18. You enjoy watching late game pvz? With nothing happening for 10min… Is it a feeling of nostalgia for WoL earlygame? Nothing going on for the first 10min…

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