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StarCraft 2: EXTREME Dark Templar & Zealot Runbys! (Best-of-5)

Best-of-5 series of professional StarCraft 2 between Zest (Protoss) and Cure (Terran).

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. I have a theory about the little window on pride of altaris: could it be that this is not a window but a mirror? Could it be that the ship we see is above the map instead of under it?

  2. I cut my hair into a mullet recently and have found myself coming out of blackouts in bizarre places. No drugs or alcohol involved so it’s been confusing. I think it’s actually the mullet that’s been making decisions and calling the shots. Like I’ll come to and I’m watching a demolition derby, or running bumper cars at a county fair somewhere, or trying to negotiate prices down at a motorcycle swap meet. It’s rather scary and I need professional help. Anyways, thanks for the great casting!

  3. 11:30
    You mention that protoss does better in shorter tournaments this is because the lack of mental and physical fatigue. The amount of mental gymnastics players of terran and zerg are forced to do to control as many hotkey groups and spell casters as they do wears the players out. So when tournaments have less down down for the player to mentally recuperate the races that have the most to control. From what ive noticed at most protoss players need only 4 control groups for units. You will also notice that towards the end of the tournaments protoss players use less and less blink stalker end game set ups.

  4. Hey Lowko, how many map layers were allowed in brood war games? More specifically the “sexy pics” UMS games?

    A Raven opener is viable… that's why you see the pros only do it then. After that have a real hard think about what happens to a Terran if he isn't double pumping medivacs to prevent Bio from dying horribly and give it more mobility. And what happens if he can't double pump Vikings or Libs if needed in the mid-late game. You can't have a mother [email protected]#$ing Tech Lab on your mother [email protected]#$ing starport after the mother [email protected]#$ing early game.
    That's like saying why don't Protoss make more observers to give themselves a maphack. Because then they aren't making Robo units and just mother [email protected]#$ing die lol.

  6. i watched a few of your old videos with your old intro and it was great! HELLO EVERYONE MY NAME IS LOWKOOOOOOOOOOO!

  7. I feel like protoss always have weird weaknesses that dont make sense, given the other races strengths in similar areas. Like the fact that colossi lack the same range as siege tanks AND lurkers , but can still get hit by ground AND air units. Or the fact that battlecruisers get a warp ability on a cooldown, but protoss, the space/time wizards get nothing like it on any of their capitol ships, all of which just get snatched up by vipers. It also doesnt make sense that Terran would have an ability like scan, but Protoss wouldnt have an equivalent, even though they are literal psychics.

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