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StarCraft 2 – MARU vs ROGUE! – World Team League 2021 Winter | Finals

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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void is a real-time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment. It is the third and final installment of the StarCraft 2 expansion trilogy.




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  1. love your commentating, but I do have a friendly suggestion. Music and game volume are almost inaudible! otherwise, love the content

  2. Any particular reason why the TvZ meta is shifting towards mech/swarm host? Bio/tank/ghosts not working anymore at top level play?

  3. the hero ducks behind cover, his comrades are all dead and he's the last line of defense, enemies swarm in, he takes a couple of hits but manages to put their leader down, and for a moment we saw a glimpse of hope but then bang! he sinks into Darkness…

  4. is there anywhere else i can watch this without listening to this guy butcher the commentary? oh i know i'll mute

  5. Holy shit I am so sick of watching ling/bane/muta every fuckin match!! Any time a Zerg deviates from that build they lose. I've been watching a lot lately and all these top 10 zergs just ling/bane/muta every match…. Absolutely shit to watch as a spectator.

  6. Копро фестиваль совпал с этим матчем, всем добра и золотого дождя

  7. rogue is such a noob. He could've easily counter those thors if he had infestors. But he choose to build swarm host which is worst unit in game.

  8. If as a Terran at this elo you allow the Zerg to mass build Mutas because you didn't keep constant pressure, then you will lose 99% of the time. Mutas are fucking op vs Terran at this elo.

  9. roach and ravager are terrible vs terran. Rogue should've stayed ling bane. He could've easily won that series.

  10. ghost are the new carriers for terran late game. There is nothing zerg can do versus them. Blizzard fix game.

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