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StarCraft 2 – MARU vs SERRAL! – King of Battles 2 | EPIC Finals & SERIES OF THE YEAR!

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Casted by 📣 BeoMulf & Rushi

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StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void is a real-time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment. It is the third and final installment of the StarCraft 2 expansion trilogy.




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  1. Great matches – but you can only come back like Maru did, if someone lets you. Serral had like 3-4 push potentials in game 5 and 6.

  2. I feel like game 2 wiped Serral out. He seemed so much less confident after that, so many times he had Maru by the balls if he just continued to push he'd kill him. Game 5 is a perfect example. All Maru had was a single siege tank protecting his fourth but Serral decided to back up and wait for lurkers for some reason.

  3. I really wish casters like these didn't try to speak at max apm all the time and constantly fumble over their words. My favorite casters speak slow and make sure that their words are smart and intelligible

  4. Damn. I honestly thought Maru would lose but he manages to come back and give his all. All hail the terran supremacy.

  5. when ghosts are more deadly than a giant mech….like u know the balance in sc2 jumped the shark a long time ago….out of all the units the most deadly unit is a dude with a sniper rifle. same thing with zerg the ultralisk is freaking trash…gets stuck in everything like u would think they can go through zerglings, scvs, drones, marines, zelots, etc…let alone squish shit..but no most of the time they are stuck behind their own army maybe they need like a rush down move…kinda like charge but instead of instantly for attacking u can use it to charge through small units to get into the frontline of a fight. makes it so they arent stuck behind their own units…could also use it to retreat like charge away so again ur not stuck behind ur own team as ur running away. like it just doesnt make sense a group of marines while yes will die to a ultralisk can still run in front of it to get a surround and stop its movement…..

  6. 13:00 ff, We don't know sugar about the Terran's infrastructure. Up until this point the last time he was showing the terran's base, was when maru just had completed 5 barracks. That's it. We don't know sugar. Thanks! My previous impressions only getting confirmed. Bad cast.

  7. 5:30 OMG it is impossible, how bad this cast is (contrary to the players, most expected match in years) Observer totally not in line with the caster: Clicking on the buildings of zerg: NOT ONE mention of it, like you have to SMELL the observer clicking on the buildings in advance, to check the – also btw unnatural position of the building – details of what's actually building.
    Now of course for anyone versed with the game a little bit, it's clear what those buildings are. But then many might not be, and the observer certainly had this in mind when clicking on both of them, to show it to the casters…….. And really lots of other times you have to kind of anticipate where the observer will click, to get that intel…

    13:00 ff – since terran had 5 barracks (long time ago) this observer NEVER showed any terran infrastructure or macro ever, I feel blind.

    13:18 "falls asleep on the push" Okay now I am sure you are kidding us. I can't even say "RLY?" here anymore. You just saw him defend the drop, be on 3 positions basically, and then you POINT OUT ONE single second of not controlling his units that just arrived at the terran Expand??????????????

    15:45 Serral "MANAGED" to kill all his ghosts. He didn't "manage" that at all, rather Maru gifting him the Ghosts, there was literally no effort to particularly take out the ghosts, what so ever. It was a reall low amount of Roach Ravager, Maru should have microed that better (ofc that's not the problem here, it's very easy said ofcourse) but in Theory, the Liberators for instance weren't used at all. (Defender Mode). The vikings not landed. All that for about 10 seconds, basically worthless supply letting the bio die. (You eventually see him using those abilities)

    (there is much more throughout the cast… I'm only still here cause I got this recommended, and you made the replays cost money)

    Edit: 22:00 Hello casters? Your observer tries to communicate with you… Look at the top left maybe? He shows you all kind of menus, Income, Units existing, (ofc finally back to production)

    23:29 Okay so far I thought the casters aren't bad gameplay wise (ofc always entertaining)…
    "…10 Mutas, and really start to put pressure.. on our terran base." WRONG, those are to deal with multi prong harras, which is extremely vital, as you may notice by the ever marine-loving observer, showing all the marine+medivac groups on the map.
    Totally disjointed. <picardFacepalm>

    24:35 MIGHT use the chance, when checking for the turrets, to take a look at the terran base for once… This starts to get a consistent mismanagement by the observer. At the start I was assuming he wasn't warmed up maybe, for a 15k price money tournament observer-job.

    25:26 "The Bats killed about 40 supply of zerglings" It's not even true how much supply he lost, only about 30. But most importantly what killed the links, was the widow mine, tank splash, then the mix of marines, just a few red-flame bat shots which didn't do all that much. 25:55 NO PLS STOP, I'm crying at about how bad this is (this 26:35), stop pointing out your own mistakes. Crazy.

    28:15 Not mentioning the awesome baneling flank at all, just epic by Serral – even though here it didn't connect which was a matter of a half second that Maru could not have paid attention(but he did).

    30:25 "Maru just lost a lot of big units here…" BIG chance to now,, finally show that production of Maru, perhaps?? His base?? What does he have??
    ANYTHING? Observer are you there? (30:30 no sorry I rather look at this pretty window…)

    "Personal cloaking"… Let's see what happens when I press this button – 31:25 – Oh it brings me to the Ghost Academy. Ooops did I just show Maru's base? My bad.

    …….. Also see my other 2 comments.
    Most wantd MatchUp for some years, as a Final especially, but I don't get this production, literally. (since I don't see the Macro, I can't laugh about my own joke here) The caster+observer "team" is dissapointing.

  8. 4:00 – 4:48 so this is what new player see. (example) LITERALLY ONLY marines moving around on screen. (then showing an empty position of zerg) You gotta be KIDDING me.

    No wonder there are these cryboys. "Oh I thought this game just gives me marines which I move around!! KAPPA"
    Who hired this observer? You literally are doing so, like sooo many things macro wise in sc2, especially in LOTV and heShe… just shows MARINES. Also a perfect showcase of Maru's skill…

    You can see marines moving around anywhere, even in WOL (expansion 0), but everything in macro has changed, and all its consequences, builds, greed. So again the macro and their strategy based on it is the player- everything has to be adapated in the macro! Especially terran has to do so many preperational moves for macro long ahead of time…
    – CHEESING macro? (trying to get an edge which would cost his life if he was found doing so, point that out? how early is the extra base or workers)
    – Timing push? (observer/caster should be checking upgrades more frequently)
    – "standard" macroing? (constant workers?)
    – POWERING? (dediating ressources to achieve a certain goal ASAP, could also be tech units at the cost of lower units, Protoss do this naturally)
    – And all the other things all in, rush, preparing defensive style of buildings, preparing depots before he does a harras?, or ignoring depots cause of inc fight?
    – All that is so deep and alot about the actual game game
    Like there is literally 100s of difficult things you have to do RIGHT in LotV. How can you not want to show what the Pro Gamer Maru/Serral all does so well??! As a somewhat interested observer.

    Again, of course mixed with the action inbetween, so of course not 100%, not even 50%, depending on the game but can be 30-40% at least to follow it well in a stream. However I see basically ZERO interest in this, other than very very short minimap clicks on the base, which gives the viewer like 0 information in terms of impression, unless you see that click coming.

    (^example problem. I really watched plenty of castts in the past years, and this is a mass phenomenon of observers. Basically observers show what they want and are prolly like gold league, judging from their perception of what matters in the game, or judging from their MISSING interest in what matters in the game. At least from what they find intereseting when observing. AND NO viewers also want to see the macro, again sure not all the time, you want to see every fight, BUT NOT INBETWEEN, cause there is not only much more about the game than idle or walking marines, but also if you are simply interested in the ACTUAL SKILL of the players….. This could really be any player playing when you ignored the clock and at some point the micro, you simply see a few more units popping earlier (you wouldn't really notice a difference without clock as casual))


    Since GSL were doing the professional observers, some others imitate it, but doing it wrong. So what I recommend is let the casters do the observation that way can show what they want to talk. With all the above in mind. Unless you really know what you're doing. But History of Starcraft 2 shows, viewers and players are declinining despite the previous ongoing improvements in the game continously (patches).

    PS: You might say, oh there is the production tab. So with this you basically say one should always steer at the top left, which btw is really unnatural for anyone playing the game (position).
    – First of all it is not very appealing.. it's a big list of stuff constantly changing.. and the center of the action is always some where else (observer following marines for instance)
    – Second so what's more "visual" is actually showing the barracks doing the stuff, for a short timer but longer than 1 second, a short smmooth look around the base with the middle mouse button as smooth as possible (there is even options in sc2 to make it smoother), then back to action or the other player or similar
    – Really similar with many other details, such as units building.
    – What you don't see is infrastructure for instance, and the actual work the player puts into. I.E. 2 scvs preparing for building 2 barracks just in time, scvs block struggle at corners or similar
    – Especially the attention focus, which is the casters job. Sure you here timing here or there, but it's not really go on in detail or adressed too much (…)

  9. PleaPlePlease show the bases (macro) more next time! Especially for terran that's so part of the game to see which buildings he takes first, building placement, and so on…
    Not just the marines at the front… I think this is such a mislead for newer players. They barely see what this game is actually about: MACRO, and for terran especially the very miticulous building management (constant production, building it a bit earlier to allow powering, etc. Ofcourse on the other side zerg with the fine tune of drones all the time, is similarly impactful.

    I really see this done so wrong in many casts. And then what you regularly hear from new people. "Oh this game is hard, I didn't expect this to be such game, cause I see only Action on the most popular shout casts." Sigh . Really the macro is one of the interesting parts of the game, blizzard even made this more difficult having bases mined out quicker, so you are forced to fight more. So not focusing on that in the cast, makes me – as a longer time player of this game, playing zerg and terran actually, a little ANNOYED to be honest. Since I'm missing out on some of the interesting parts of the game. OF COURSE also action inbetween, but NOT ONLY. (he was on the terran base literally 1 second only, if he was…)

    At some points in LOTV i actually started to prefer replays because of this. Just give me the replays of the finals… If you don't want viewers that are interested in the game, just give us the replays instead. No matter how awesome the casters are – I think from what I have seen in the start they are quite good casters! – but when the observer is not really knowing what the game is about, and interprets his job of observing wrong..

    AGAIN, YES of course micro & multitasking observation is good, BUT NOT stay on the 10 marines while nothing is happening. LOL

  10. Boring….serral so boring….always farming….just waiting ppl coming attack…never see serral attack first….only play late games..no tactic at all

  11. The only way, terran can beat zerg late game is ghost to counter lurker, broods, ans ultra, if ghost get nerf, GG terran late game

  12. Extremely Well played by maru. But then again not the best day for serral. Zerg should never lose against terran in final.

  13. imagine if we got invaded by aliens and serral got taken in to be a strategist, will the army take maru to counter? sorry im wierd

  14. To win a game playing with terran you just marines/ Marauders/ medivacs / stimpak 3+3 upgrades and scan…… Sadly Its true….

  15. Terran is soo OP … (heal/repair)mules/flying buildings/scan/mines/ghosts/BC(teleport)/ Deliverators/siege tanks /medivacs/marines(stimpak)/ Banshee/ >and reapers ( can jump without vision) unlike stalkers need vision to use blink…. Terran is the noobs race.

  16. Serral this, Serral that, Serral blah blah blah…

    Too much Serral bias it's ridiculous. Had to mute Game 6 because the Serral mentions per minute was too damn high.

  17. 3 things was sure since Serral was born.

    Koreans owning SC2 and Broodwar since the Dawn of Men….

    You can scratch the last one…

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