Home Starcraft StarCraft 2: Maru's MASS MECH Strategy! (Best-of-3 vs Ragnarok)

StarCraft 2: Maru's MASS MECH Strategy! (Best-of-3 vs Ragnarok)

Best-of-3 series of professional StarCraft 2, featuring the best player in the world currently, Maru (Terran), going up against Ragnarok (Zerg).

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. "Helloooo everyone, my name is Lowko"! 🥰
    I had to actually check the date when this one was uploaded to be sure I wasn't watching an old one! 🤣

  2. This is going to sound super basic, but I love the slightly more zoomed out perspective. Can see so much of what's going on!

  3. Check out 37:00 when the Neural on the Thor wears off and Maru has it kill FIVE Infestors and a Roach as revenge, all while microing his other units in front of the Zerg army! What unbelievable multi-tasking by Maru!

  4. Video Title :- "Wait terran mech is good in 2022?" (pg version) or "Wait terran mech isn't just for boomer fat fingered f** ?!" (adult version)

  5. Uthermal has a video that breaks down the general mech strategy and builds order for Terran in to the aggressive BC/Car setup that Maru plays. It more or less boils down to Terran trying to reverse roles with the zerg being able to out macro the zerg and send out a lot of mech units. The early game cars more or less suicide to scout, get drone kills, kill creep, and more or less just try to keep the zerg back whilst the BCs do run-bys timed with their jump cooldown in the mid-game. This transitions to then whatever mech set up you want coming off the back of it. The one Uthermal covers is a different game on the same map against Reynor.
    In contrast, as Lowko mentions heavy bio army plays out with a smaller terran economy looking for more efficient trades.

  6. lowko stop whining about the titles and thumbnail! it's tough yea (but dude you already have the attention of millions of viewers – "don't get greedy haha), your content is what we care about and you nail that!!! either way I enjoy your commentary on these games. I can't play SC at this level (never gonna happen) but I can watch it!! and you make that happen so cheers mate, I love your stuff. Keep doing what you're doing, you rock.

  7. What you point out about the title and the thumbmail being most important that the actual content is a shame to me :/

  8. Maru goes Battlecruisers?!?! Lowko you made me really laugh there, I needed it too. I had to skip back to hear it again, so funny 😉

  9. The title and thumbnail count for 50% of how a video does? You mean there are people that don't just watch every single Lowko cast no matter what the title and thumbnail are?

  10. Maru goes BATTLE CRUISERS?!?! No no no. Maru goes BATTLECRUISERS‽‽ See, you gotta use the interrobang, if for no other reason than the fact that it's called an interrobang!

  11. Pros: Builds 2 of the most expensive units in the game to kill 9 workers
    Silver league: Does an SCV pull and kills my entire base

  12. Very cool move 36:00 to pick off the slow Mech retreat- that shows some tactical potential. Ragnarok's mistake was to let the tank squad go uncontested for too long

  13. what ive seen from a chinese terran mech caster was, he had two or three ravens using interference matrix to counter the infestor controlled thor. that was a smart move to save up his own units

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