Home Starcraft StarCraft 2: MaxPax CANNON RUSHES Serral! (Best-of-5)

StarCraft 2: MaxPax CANNON RUSHES Serral! (Best-of-5)

Best-of-5 series of professional StarCraft 2 between MaxPax and Serral. MaxPax is quickly becoming one of the best players on the European server. However Serral Zerg versus Protoss is the best in the world.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. the joke is that your pride yourself on the intensity of your babbling, I mean yeah you're skilled at spewing out words and there are tons of ADHD inflicted simpletons out there but man is it tiring, its like someone drilling a hole in your head

  2. Late to the party, man, but it's been years since I've played SC2. Getting back into it and used to watch your casts. I forgot how fucking entertaining this game was. Maybe under Microsoft StarCraft will have new additions.

  3. maxpax gotta learn how to eliminate expansions. my man was too focused on attacking forgot what was creating enemies resources

  4. im almost 40 yrs old and me and my brother have been playing SC since the very first one was released we always come back to LOTV every year or so this is such a amazing game ive never gotten tired of it! love to see how good you young men are at it and that its still around and being enjoyed by people and LOWKOTV your a great YouTuber man keep it up brother

  5. 34:00 The minimap looks like a panda bear.
    If you keep an eye on the minimap throughout the game you will see a panda slowly being infested on the left side of his face. Poor panda…

  6. If parasitic bomb and fungal "stick" to the units then storm should as well, but yeh its the waterballoons that are op. ^^

  7. 1:50 I routinely criticize Serral's decisions (not) but damn if this doesn't look like a hatch cancel to me.

  8. I know it has nothing to do with it but it feels like serral plays with different zerg units than i have access to 😂

  9. Listen, I dont play StarCraft, but I cant ignore the fact that Zerg actually looks stronger than Protoss. Not in the casual perspective, but think about it like this… Serral among other zerg players, but specialy Serral, they show what the max power of the Zerg is in late game, you cant get better than him, and he is showing that Zerg absolutley destroys Protoss, while you can put the same perspective to Protoss, lets say Trap, and they never make Zerg look that pathetic. Now for me, as an outsider, I think this is a problem because Protoss dont have that many options to go to, there is no versatility and the mistakes factor has a big cost, specialy in early game, while Zerg is way more versatile (they have more options) so thats why they can have an answer to anything Protoss do. Now obviously this is at the best of the best scene, so what I have always thought about is that you can change the Protoss to feel more versatile, to have more options.

  10. I like your voice much better than before. It is more grave and sound better to my ears. (I had kinda stopped to watch your video because of it…)

  11. Lowko, you're sometimes a bit too much of a fanboy for maxpax imo, talking about how well his control is at 37:17 when serral just did a good job minimizing disruptor damage and all maxpax did was shoot some balls lol.

  12. 1. Overseer SHOULD cost supply! At least 1, but it should. NOT FAIR when the only race has that mobile AND armored detection which is practically limited only by the resources count!
    2. Abduct should be removed. This is the only "Kill a unit" button in the game, and also making the least sense ability among all others: when the viper abducts such things as mamaship or thor, it just stupid.
    3. Instead, Zerg should gain some buffs here and there, Lowko ahs proposed a lot in that grounds, like Ultra's size reduction.
    4. Creep tumor vision should be replaced with sensor tower-like ability that displays the marks, but doesn't reveal the fog of war (optionally: works for ground units, upgraded to detect air on Hive tech).

  13. I'm fairly sure the big hope for most when playing with the Protoss pieces is called the Void Ray. Serral wins a lot but Zerg are extinct on ladder, are they not?

  14. Someone probably just skipped to the final 10 mins saw 2 on maxpax with like 5 mins left figured maxpax won and now I gotta argue with someone on Twitter 6 months down the road on a Serreal win lol geez thanks lowko 😂😂😂

  15. Now Microsoft has brought out Blizzard, hopefully some updates will come in, OPTOSS and all their spells, shields SKYTOSS bs. You know its true.

  16. Serral's Zerg Efficiency is honestly horrifying… wtf how does he do it? I think Lowko was right as always, they're robots.

  17. Drone die at 36:19 he manage to start building u can see how limit drop from 61 to 60 and 59 because of the building then back to 61 when he cancel wtf this is sick

  18. Kind of insane the unbalance in the game. Zerg has to inflict so much damage over and over and over and if you mess up once it’s game over.

  19. A dead donkey could play Skytoss and win. SC2 neeeeds an overhaul or a 4th race (yeah I said it) to fix the stagnating state of play.

  20. Anything with the word "serral" is super clickbait for me. I can't help it, it's getting out of hand. Does anyone know a Cure?

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