Home Starcraft StarCraft 2: Nice's CRAZY STRATEGIES vs Clem! (Best-of-5)

StarCraft 2: Nice's CRAZY STRATEGIES vs Clem! (Best-of-5)

Best-of-5 series of professional StarCraft 2 with some crazy strategies. In this Terran versus Protoss we watch Clem defend a variety of cheeses that Nice is throwing at him.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. 48:50 – oh, Lowko, you missed a golden opportunity for some good old Bladerunner "tears in rain" quips.

  2. Holyyyy… a hyper aggressive macro build game into a micro intensive closer to win the set… this is why I still watch sc2 even tho I haven’t played in years. Honestly Starcraft is still one of the best games to view as a spectator even though it has fallen out of favor over the years. So good man.

  3. Nice was playing the player, not the game. He understood Clems habits (which is probably why he didn't do a whole lot of scouting in the early game) and just did what he could to throw a monkey wrench into the machine.

  4. Hey lowko why did you changed the name of the video 100+ probes was a good name that hyped me up for the serie a lot
    Keep up the good work my man =)

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