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StarCraft 2: One of the WORST StarCraft Matches Ever…?

A match of Terran versus Terran from the second Viewer Tournament… One of the absolute worst games of StarCraft 2 I’ve ever seen.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. This is probably how I play. Zero faith in my micro skills so I'm terrified I'll lose my army. Lol

    Edit: After watching this incredibly long match, I take that back.

  2. Where are these players when I play ranked? I solo que and allways get a team VS ME and end up ín a Swift death

  3. I like how both of them aware of upgrades but sit on a massive bank for so long without continueing upgrading.

  4. man im late to watch this but ty i had a great time laughing this was a movie man i just don't know if they hero or villain won best part was easy my guy calling a break lol

  5. No, and hour and a half round trip for Taco Bell is NOT worth it. Don't do it bro. You'll be disappointed. Lol. You aren't missing out on anything LowKo. I love your video's of SC2. I watch them daily. Very knowledgeable and I appreciate that you don't talk to everyone like they already know everything about the game. Out of everyone who does SC2. Lowko is my fav. Only one that you can listen to, and it doesn't eventually get annoying.

  6. taco bell wasn't worth the 2 minutes it took to get to in my town, it was cold(some of the veges like things had ice on them….), tasteless badly made slop at very expensive prices and half the size, I thought American food was bigger? every aspect of it was dissapointing.

  7. Love song i playing like mě at 5 yrs in StarCraft 1 against bots where i was killing my own units becasuse they were traitors And roleplayed like ghosts Are commanders that betray the another one and just dont killed my opponets si i can roleplay more

  8. Fast food is a lifestyle. In America when your on the go. Busy. It saves time. When your hungry and need food now its satisfying. Can it beat a restaurant? No. Am I willing to drive 30 mins and wait an hour at a restaurant? No. I drive 5-10 mins and wait 5-10 mins to get food for cheap.

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