Home Starcraft StarCraft 2: Serral and Clem in AMAZING Zerg vs Terran!

StarCraft 2: Serral and Clem in AMAZING Zerg vs Terran!

Two games from the Grand Finals of the StayAtHome Story Cup 4 between Serral (Zerg) and Clem (Terran).

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Kind of miss the good ol’ days where every video had Lowko introduced himself by a super pumped ‘Hellooooo my name is Lowkoooo!’

  2. Two things I don't understand in TvZ
    1) Why is there never any anti air for zerg to strike down medivacs? In every game terran is moving back and forth, dropping and picking up units all the time and zerg is not doing anything about it, just following the medivacs with zerglings. Sure there are queens, but clearly they are not able to catch up with them. Is there nothing the zerg can do to shut down medivacs without instantly losing? Would small number of corrupters work?
    2) Why doesn't the terran add one Raven to clean up creep? Is it that much cheaper to use 100 scans throughout the game instead?
    If anyone can explain to me why none of the above is viable, I would appreciate it 🙂 Thanks for the great video

  3. AOE 4 is a horrible game, it looks like the others and it is just a way for them to get more money, Please don't talk about it in a SC2 Video Lowko. I played the FIRST and original, not many can say that and this is just the same.

  4. Best 2 games and then wondering who wins the cup itself was fun, thank you!
    "Bringing the grand total up to 69"
    hurr hurr

  5. um…. why it write Bo1 down there the player name? but its Bo3?
    and Lowko u mention Clem good at micro, but not mention Serrel are super good at micro too?

  6. wtf why say who wins the finals at the end of the video? Also, u said it in like 10 seconds, not even the time to stop the video, come on man 🙁

  7. I think it’s incredible that sc2 is still a relative esport, but is there any other RTS games that are coming out that might be relevant?

  8. I do prefer the longer matches, which includes the whole best of 3/5/7. I also would say only worry about putting those out if you have time. Don’t force yourself to put too much work on your plate

  9. Lowko 2019: "SLOWLY but SURELY"
    Lowko 2020: "Hes not gonna live up to tell the tale"
    Lowko 2021: "That's expensive set of units to loose"

    I wonder what comes next year 😀 "thats three hundred minerals down the drain" is my favourite… maybye this will be the motto of 2022? 😀

  10. Question for somebody that knows more about the game than me. Why wouldn't clem produce a raven or two? Wouldn't the cost of a raven be largely offset by the energy for scans being used for mules instead?

  11. you know what i think of this??? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK OF THIS??? I just appreciate your uploads… if its a Bo1, Bo7 or anything in between, the games are always amazing to watch (And i dont even play SC2, i just watch your videos)

  12. This was great and even if I understand that you pick the best games to have the full video watched, this is not what your core viewers want to see 🙂 Cause we want to see the full series ! Now I'm more frustrated than anything!
    I like that you try and reinvent yourself Lowko!

  13. 30:20 The banelings starting to roll right there was beautiful. The subsequent explosions were incredible. <chef's kiss>

  14. The game is awesome but its tiring at this point, it's the 100 game when Serral/Reynor play against Clem with bio vs ling bane (Lately Lurkers are a go) and Clem wins…

  15. I like these selected games. Sometimes some games in a series are just plain and boring.

    And also, this way I can't guess who's winning the current game.

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