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StarCraft 2: SERRAL vs MARU! (Best-of-7)

Merry Christmas everyone! The two best players currently in StarCraft 2 face off in a best-of-7 series. Serral (Zerg) takes on Maru (Terran). This is the Grand Finals of King of Battles 2.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. I can't believe i'm on my 4th time watching this series right now. Its just that good. This Bo7 matchup will probably never happen again.

  2. A little science regarding the stamina topic.

    Stamina, unlike popular assumption, is not associated primarily to physical exertion. It's also got to do with mental exertion. You see, metabolism is a chemical process where the organs consume stored energy (protein, carbohydrates, fats after they're broken down). And brain is the biggest consumer. That's why sports that require extended periods of mental exertion also tends to decrease weight at the professional level (unless you recognize it and compensate your food intake accordingly).

    Think of it this way. You guys notice how an athletes (baseball, football and such) performance drops when they have something in their mind (particularly a negative type)? That's because, their brain is using up a lot of their stamina that was originally meant for physical use while on the field.

    Obviously it's a bit more complex than what I said. But I think I got the general working down right. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


  4. I myself play terran mostly (although only in master league) and Maru of course is amazing but after watching this series I have to say that terran late game seems to be op.
    In the past it used to be the zergs late game that was op but now that Thors deal so much dmg vs massive I wonder what zergs can do.

    Terran late game:
    1. You float bases immediately from safety so not a lot of mining time is lost.
    2. After taking last minable base you can usually land 20+ MULES and get like 4 bases worth of income.
    3. You can also sacrifice SCVs once you've got like 10+ orbital commands, getting even bigger armies supply wise (other races can do but might regret it if they lose their remaining workers).
    4. Thors deal amazing damage to all air units and are pretty good vs ground too.. they suffer vs lings, neural and blinding cloud but that's what ghosts are for in gm level play.
    5. Everything about ghosts is good (especially vs zergs) – they can cloak, deal high vs light dmg, for armored/massive target there's the 170 dmg snipe that ignores armor, they can EMP clumped up casters and let's not forget about those pesky nukes…
    6. Hellbats + medivacs mostly negate broodlords, locusts and zerglings.
    7. Sensor towers + scans offer instant enemy detection, you can see that serral couldn't kill some burrowed mines here and there because he didn't have overseers with him while Maru simply scans anywhere he wants and no problem no need to worry.
    8. Medivacs and SCVs are by far the best at healing your units, compared to zergs it doesn't require so much micro, protoss can only heal shields.

    I think all of this might be averted if thors had 1 less range on their vs massive air or broodlords had 1 more range in their attack. The way it is now broodlords get decimated by thors. Especially if thors also have hellbats around. Also it might be worth it removing the "massive" tag from broodlords and slightly increasing their speed – they are seriously slow at 1.97 speed, even slower than thor (2.62 +can be medivaced). Actually it is most likely the slowest unit in the game except queens off creep.

  5. 1:16:47 i know someone from HS called RomanP he got legend 1 end of saison with the age of 12 which blew my mind.
    he is now a truck driver since he wasted his youth playing videogames..

  6. 28:40 i remember playing mage in wow at rank 1 level and i did alot of 2s laddering at top 50 to top 10 and man.. the very best are just something else. you feel like you are missplaying the whole game against them.

  7. 1:55 well guess what.. i love seeing the best compete against each other in a drawn out game where any mistake i dont even notice will end the game

  8. I love your channel. You have the best SC2 content, in the world!!! Long Live SC2!!! Also, I will be a member very soon!! =)

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