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StarCraft 2: Spirit's SKY TERRAN vs Astrea's SKY TOSS!

Crazy game of professional StarCraft 2 between Spirit (Terran) and Astrea (Protoss). The players decide to sit back and macro up to a Sky Toss and Sky Terran army.

Crazy game – Spirit vs Nice:

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Why didn’t toss just build one cannon in each mineral line for detection and defense ? Would’ve been way cheaper than losing 50 probes…

  2. Just submitted a video for your stream! It's silver league vs gold but the loser WAS SO TOXIC.. hilariously so…

    I included screenshots of the after chat too! Please cast it xD

    A friend gave it to me… holy crap xD

  3. This is pure BS this match is a perfect example of imbalance in PVT ! Stalkers need to be REMOVED blink is way too OP and they should be replaced by Dragoon which is much cooler and serve the same anti air fonction! Disruptors are OP agaisnt Terran player below Maru skill level (micro Jackson) 😉 they should be replaced by reavers for the simple and basic reason that it would be way more Cannon and that in a game that in so fast-paced cooldown abilities are just bad. Also it wouldn't be free damage over a timer! Which is why I am for Yamato cannon to be energy base! Talking about BC for the love of SC2 they NEED to be better: give them their AOE ability against AIR, make it a research. Also we need to have ravens in all Terran games like Lowko is saying but I would change their auto turrets ability for defense matrix and give them the healing disk ability (repair mech units only).

  4. 4:50 That’s not true. The center of the circle on recall is the nexus, so you can move the circle to control where the units will go. In other words, if you click so the units are on the left of the circle they will pop on the left side of the nexus.

  5. Thanks for your great and very fun casting. I am a Russian Linguist and I'm trying to improve my Russian in fun ways. Is there some Russian SC2 casters that you can recommend to me Please! And just some Russian game casters in general?

  6. It's amazing how accurate Lowko is at his intro, half the time I think, wait have I seen this video before?? Just perfect matching of pitch along the way and pretending W doesn't exist

  7. Dear Lowko, if you ever stop saying "HELLOOOOOOO everyone, my name is…." As your intro I will declare war to Netherlands. And I will come for you.

  8. "tempest dps is high but not that high" – tempest dps is actually less than that of a stimmed marine. Even against massive its about half a carrier's dps

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