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StarCraft 2: The Battle for the FINAL MINERALS! (Scarlett vs Clem)

Professional match of StarCraft 2 between Scarlett (Zerg) and Clem (Terran). This match comes down to the absolute final minerals on Hardwire.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. yeah, ghost, responsible of 80% of the cost uneffiency results of the zerg units, but i suppose we must say its fine. 🙃

  2. Zerg rly need back the invested Marines on the investors. I feel like Zerg is rly weak in endgame at moment.

  3. At 29:00 ish scarlett sends in a bunch of corruptors to sacrifice them making it look like a miscontrol and easy pickings but was actually to bait out as many snipes as possible moments before the brood lords reveal themselves. There was so little energy left for more snipes and EMPs once the brood lords and infestors started moving up the ramp.

  4. Lol, so many salty Zergs in the comments. Guys, Scarlett was better in the mid game but in the late, Clem was a monster, just accept it. If we're talking about how to counter ghosts – blinding cloud, fungal and a-move and watch the Terran army melt.

  5. This shows how overpowered Ghosts are. 1 unit that destroys literally everything vs Zerg.
    If its not enough Zerg has absolutely no counter vs Ghosts (don't tell me fungal and baneling combo is a counter, because its not), way too powerful, way too big range, way too many HP…

  6. This game hurt specially the last part, Scarlett just did everything right but lost to turtling and the funny invisible men

  7. I felt she REALLY needed those brrods in the end. She had so many good fungals that 3-5 exstra broods would have done it. Maybe burrowed banes.

  8. Hey Lowko, what happened to "He covered his units in vaseline and slipped through everything", you used to say this all the time in all your videos.

  9. Add Morph to Queen(available by having Greater Spire and Hive) to be a Broodwar Queen so she can spawn broodling(snipe) all the bio units including mech with a pilot like thors or tanks when she sees them.
    Ensnare(fungal growth w/out damage)
    Parasites for scouting.
    Noob thoughts

  10. Wtf is this crap. There is absolutely no penalty for missing a snipe. The energy even gets refunded and the ghost can literally try again while literally under fire. Scarlet hit so many amazing fungals from under brood lord / ling fire and the ghosts barely stepped back before trying again. There are even times when Clem doesnt bother retreating, he is just sniping from under the medivac while being fungaled / attacked. He was outnumbered, out army valued, out microed, and outpositioned and he still won.

    Templar misses storm: you have to wait again till its ready
    Infestor misses fungal: you have to wait again till its ready
    Viper uses up clouds / abducts: has to go back to base to recharge
    Raven misuses turrets, orange fart: have to wait again till its ready
    Ghost gets knocked out of snipe: can try again ad infinitum till it hits

  11. Should have titled this video “world class tug-of-war” because that was an epic back and forth micro battle

  12. Perfect example of why i quit. Still enjoy watching, but not tvz…. Lowko even said it, "why build anything else? Ghosts counter all zerg late game. Build more ghosts!" Heck the siege tanks are the only reason scarlett held on as long as she did. The broodling were aggroing splash damage from them onto the ghosts. How is it fair for a 150m 125g 2 supply unit that takes 29 seconds to create, to HARD counter a a t3 300m, 250g, 4 supply unit that requires 53 seconds to replace it? If it were just that, i guess i get it, some units are meant to be strong against others, but it also counters the infestor, ultralisks AND vipers, and deal similar damage as marine so a hit squad can still handle small groups of zerglings and banelings by just stutter stepping them back. Did i mention they also still manage to have greater range, and move faster too? Ive crunched the numbers, and the only thing that can touch them dps wise that zerg has is a fully stacked hydra. 1 hydra vs 1 ghost with no spells. Hydra wins. But then you have to stack up them, and if they have any other terran units, you're dead, the only thing they'll kill are the ghosts while the siege tanks decimate them. Does terran have that issue? "Oh no they built a bunch of hydras! What will i do! Snipe the overseer, go stealth and run rough shod over their whole team…. But wait! they built lurkers. it's ok ill snipe them too. Is that an ultra thats spose to specialize in aoe dmg to squishys??!???!?!?!? Oops it died before touching me. Nvm. Oh wait, and my 2 siege tanks still killed all 63 of their hydras too….. Well i guess i just win then, and on 2 bases as well, when they had the other 16……. Hmmmm thats crazy. Guess im just better than them. Get gud newb!" That is my experience playing zvt. Glad to see that its also pros dealing with this. Zerg only win tournies because pvt is balanced, and protoss knock them out of tournaments. Dark is honestly the only zerg ive seen lowko cast that actually won a tvz

  13. The title should have been Scarlet vs Ghosts. I hate ghosts, they’re broken against Zerg and it’s probably going to stay that way.

  14. Ultra transition? – Ghosts
    Lurkers? – Ghosts
    Infestors!!!! – Hahaha Ghost EMP go brrrr
    Broodlords? – Just More ghosts!
    Vipers, Queens?!!??!?!!? – snipe emp snipe emp
    Corruptor Mutalisk Hydra Ravager?!?!!? Ghosts go PIU-PUI
    Zerglings? – hahaha nice try, 20+ damage vs light 2 shot zerglings ( its faster than adept with Resonating Glaives)
    BANELINGS, now die ghosts! muhahahahahahha – Ghost: absorb 6 baneling hits and then get healed by medivac

  15. I know everyone thinks ghosts are OP, but I think Scarlett handled them fairly well most the game. It was near the end that she either got tired, or tunnel visioned, or something. I couldn't help but get the feeling she got too comfortable on infestor-broodlord. I think mixing in vipers, lurkers, and lings did her way more favors than going with sooooo many broods.

  16. I disagree that Marines at late game are the same as the beginning. Like yes, they are Marines. But they've had upgrades and are essentially 2 or 3 times stronger in late game. Of course there are variations but maxed out upgrade Marines are way stronger than the nothing Marines in early game.

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