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StarCraft 2: THE TURTLE TERRAN! (Zerg Live Game)

A lot of the top level Terrans have been playing Mech on Hardwire in StarCraft 2 recently, and it’s now happening in many Zerg vs Terran games on the ladder as well.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Dont abduct a siege tank into your group unless you have enough force there to one shot it. He was getting great value. I seen you abduct a siege into only like 4 hydras and a single lurker. It killed them all and the last shot of the lurker finally downed it, but other siege tanks had reposition to killed the lurker before you could unburrow. So you traded 4 hydras, 1 lurker for a single siege.

  2. As someone who hasn't played the game in a while but is starting to watch some of this channel, someone help me. Early on he denies the third for a bit while already being on 4, how is that not just an instant push to hive and go broods or ultras? Are they that weak now? Feels like terran would have a rough time dealing with either one.

  3. Long ago i came and said "you still forget to spread creep"
    Now looks better, but into the midgame you again stopped trying to push the creep. Even when you keep him on the middle of the match for most of the game you didnt try to push the creep on the sided meanwhile.
    Then, both makes mistakes, but is a good game.

  4. I've watched hundreds of hours of people playing this game. Speedruns, casts, tournaments, analysis.. But if I started playing again.. I think I'd need at least 300 hours of grind to even have the courage to click that multiplayer button. Those few people who're still playing the game are absolutely insane, even if they suck compared to high end players.

  5. I find ling bane ravager is a better comp against mech. I think either way more zerglings would be helpful to draw tank fire away from more expensive units, and perhaps more importantly zerglings can be replaced more quickly, giving the terran less time to get more tanks in position.

  6. Here is my suggestion using the viper:
    -You focussed on Tanks and Liberators, but you should also get the Ravens. That would prevent him from having detection against your lurkers and creep and would prevent getting hit with armor missiles.
    -Also, against this terran turtle strat, try to never engage without your vipers, they are the key to victory. Just abduct whatever comes near you.
    -Always have 3-5 vipers. For quite some time you was staying on 1-2 vipers which was clearly not enough, until you realize you needed more. 6-7 is a bit too much and would cost alot to lose them all for a bad command.
    -You got lucky that the Terran donated alot of units every now and then and also that he did not make any ghosts. You had no detection. A single EMP would break your vipers and make him a big opportunity to move out.


  7. she wasn't mad ? Damn .. my wife would be crazy mad at me if she would forget her keys … but yeah, I think those things come after marriage only…

  8. Wait, was that Lowko's girlfriend who sent a message about being locked out? Or was it from someone else who somehow knew about it? I'm so confused

  9. Played this game for the first time today with my friend, we did multiplayer and got steamrolled, there is so much to learn here.

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