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StarCraft 2: The World Championship GRAND FINALS! (Best-of-7)

Serral versus Reynor in a best-of-7 series of top level StarCraft 2. This series is the Grand Finals of IEM Katowice, and with that the finals of the World Championships. The winner of this match is the current World Champion of StarCraft 2.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Once you pointed out how similar the build orders are (sometimes within basically milliseconds of each other) :O

  2. 16:40 "Zerg players in general don't really think about their building positioning as much as, well, for example, Terran and Protoss"

    "For example, the only two other races"

  3. I don't follow much SC2 outside of Lowko's content so when the thumbnail says new champ all I can think of his
    "Haha zerg"

  4. Just a heads up Lowko – the thumbnail gives away the winner and thus it is a spoiler once we start the video and find out the previous world champion is one of the players. NEW world champion meaning it was not the player than won last year.

    Yeah it's a bit detective, but I actually came to the conclusion almost immediately so surely others will too.

  5. Lowko, I'm suddenly overcome with disappointment that you haven't used a "Game of Drones"/Game of Thrones pun for a video title yet (to my knowledge), because that's top-notch Starcraft pun bullshit.

  6. Nice comeback from Serral, I mean his entire career. There were many anti-serral comments on youtube saying his GOAT is a bluff and he's all washed up. Notably that tigera6 just disappeared no where to be seen in this comment section.

    Anyway, expect more "ZERG OP PLS REMOVE RACE" whining after this.

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