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StarCraft 2: TOP LEVEL STARCRAFT – Dark vs Cure! (Zerg vs Terran)

Very good game of professional StarCraft 2 between Dark (Zerg) and Cure (Terran). A wide variety of unit compositions is played in this epic match of SC2.

Maru vs Reynor:

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. full action game!!!…..Dark is the infestor master…. no other player in the world play that welll with them

  2. First time seeing the leader board in quite a while, and realizing that there are no Americans in the top 10.

    Are Asians soon to take over the world?

  3. Nukes are the way to beat dark by firing off. Few in a perimeter around his clustered army simultaneously IMO

  4. @14:20 “he’s at 69 which normally I would say is pretty nice but i dont feel like he has that many workers in the game” BRUH

  5. Dark is a beast. He understands the power of the swarm very deeply. The cracklings are the zerg's most important unit.

  6. 5 Queens, 63 drones at 6:00, 70 drones à 6:10, hydra & infestor building and 4th base, only 5 roach to defend at 4:10, then 3 more by 6:00, to end up with vipers, infestors and lurker building upgrading at 8:20

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