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StarCraft 2: Zest What Are You DOING?! (Best-of-3 vs Elazer)

Best-of-3 series of professional StarCraft 2 with crazy buildings between Elazer and Zest.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. whenever i hear your voice i get hungry xD
    thanks for the nice meals with you =D
    grüße aus dem nachbarland 😉

  2. I hate that you call it out… but it did remind me to subscribe. .. necessary evil, but I appreciate it that you ALSO hate having to do it. It helps.

  3. Zest games are the best games

    Your energy casting them makes them so entertaining
    Keep getting excited even when there isn't a need for it, makes your casts sooooo fun
    Keep up the great casts

  4. you know, i'm sure that subscriptions help you, but Youtube only shows me stuff similar to what i watched recently, regardless of the 1000 channels i am subbed to. So subscribers don't necessarily get you more views, I'm afraid. I'm subscribed to Adam Neely and watched a bunch of his videos, and they haven't recommended me one in months until today.

  5. Do you think Zest choose his name knowing part of its definition is "the outer coloured part of the peel of citrus fruit"? whenever I see him in a game all I hear in my head are various chefs I've watched loudly say "the zest of one whole lemon/orange/lime!".

  6. I hate when creators hound you with the subscribe thing. I appreciate that you normally don't and smashed that button just for you man!

  7. Zest…. I mean… Zest the best Toss om the planet… the ZEST!

    Is getting inspired by…. Florencio? The diamond player Florencio? Even Lowko would kill Florencio without any trouble. So why on earth would Zest… be inspired by Flo…. uh. Nevermind. I'm not wasting my energy on this 😀

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