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Starcraft II HD Cinematic – Better Marine

The epic suit-up sequence of Tychus Findlay with Mengsk voice overlay.

This is extracted from the Starcraft II game files and NOT FRAPSed, and therefore the best possible quality. Title is from the filename found within.



Stanford Chiu

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  1. Do you think they get the Spartan treatment, and have an automatic waste filtration system? Or do you think they just have to fight in combat with a pool of poo and piss at their feet?

  2. One of the best game cinematics of all time. Still watch it occasionally from time to time just to feel that hype over a game I never played nor even intended to play. I just liked the style of it back then before SC2 release, and I still love it to this day. Yeah, fun times when blizzard still made good cinematics

  3. I remember seeing this when I was a toddler looking for iron man videos, the quality was fucked to shit at the time probably due to crappy wifi

  4. Just for fun, from an engineering perspective.. 1:44 why is that unit glowing from overheating? Is it friction braking? Or why would it turn orange from turning?

    Welding – how are you going to get the suit off later if you weld that shoulder part?

    Turbo jets – what's the point of having jet nozzle exhausts with internal steering fins? Does it help the Terran both fly and steer upside down during sky drop missions? Cause if you are just powering the suit, fuel cell is really the way to go with no turbines necessary.

  5. Wish they saved Tychus instead of kerrigan, think he is a very charming character…Kerrigan is nice whens he was human but as the queen of blades shes a super mary sue…

  6. Imagine that cigar falling out your mouth into the suit and having no way in hell of doing something about it.

  7. It looks like metal but their suits are actually just made of meat. That's why they die so easily and it's always an explosion of gore.

  8. Imagine if this is all occurring within Warhammer 25K or 35K interval
    A lost Terran/Psyker Colonial Empire undiscovered by the Imperium.A subspecies of Psionic Tau The Protoss.A mutated devolved/evolved form of Tyranid hive fleet The Zerg and a last surviving pissed off hidden Old One gone mad [Amon] of the Xel'Naga tribe
    The Galaxy is a Big place

  9. I wish Blizzard Entertainment would partner with Syama Pedersen & G.W for Warhammer 40K

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