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Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm – Opening Cinematic Trailer

Head behind enemy lines as you face the Heart of the Swarm in this cinematic trailer for Starcraft II’s forthcoming expansion.

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  1. Man these were the days… Blizzard will never be this good again.. there go my hopes for Starcraft on Xbox… gaming PCs cost to fucking much..

  2. In Starcraft, X- Files, Surface View, This is Current Expected. //// In Azeroth, Home Biome Terrain, Subsurface View, It's FrostMourne Landing In Char Galaxy on Metal Cooler Planet, Space Adventure.

  3. This comment section and most of its fanbase is filled with ignorant sheeps unaware of that they are giving the thiefs Blizzard a reason to sell there game, then again, they sold someone elses work to begin with so they are actually the one to be blamed, most of you sheeps are simply ignorant and can't help it. What this is, this entire franchise is a digusting theft of work from Games Workshop Warhammer 40.000 which came out in the 80s, when did Starcraft come out?. You see those big guys in armor? They are direct rip off from Games Workshops infamous Space Marines. Just google them, they are also humans in enormous suits, one colored armor, not in any way camoflauged. Big Pauldrons and basically every part of their armor is much bigger than anything we've seen before from human armor. Google Assault Marines and Terran Reapers & Dreadnoughts and SCV & Space Marine Terminators and Terran Marauders. Three disgusting examples of the theft and embarassment for its fanbase and its creator.

    Look at Halo, they were more original even they are also one colored, their design is different, not bulky either. This… these Terrans are are a embarassing rip off.

    See those aliens swarming monsters? They are the Zergs. Google Tyrranids. A direct rip off as well. The protoss are obviously very heavly inspired and by the Eldar from WH40k but I give them credits for being original in their look but everything else is a rip off. They have more futuristic techonology, they are strong with psionic power (psycic powers from WH40k, and Eldars are known to be strong with these powers.).

    Guys, know what you are prasing, know that you are encouraging theft. I'll give the benefit of doubt that you simply didn't know this other franchise but if you did, you are the worst gaming communty just after LoL for still approving this project while clearly aware of who they stole from and took money from.

    I know that Games Workshop was working with Blizzard on making a WH40k game back in the past but so what if they cut the project, doesnt give them this right. They should come up with their own ides, not steal and make money cause they were butthurt. Just like its fucking fanbase. Disgusting.

  4. à #1:25 le pied du tank ressemble à la voiture du marine que l'on détruit dans la campagne zerg ^^

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