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Starcraft II World Championship: SERRAL vs. MARU

Two of the greatest Starcraft 2 players of all time finally meet in an offline setting during the world championship: Serral vs. Maru

Watch the IEM Katowice – World Championship:

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  1. The last game was like the Terren last campaign mission but it Serral difficulty. Endless wave of BANELINGS is just more than brutal.

  2. I'm so happy Serral got the revenge on Maru. You can see his plays being much sharper than ever than his past games against Maru.

    It's nice to see how much improvement Serral has on his already top-tier gameplay.

  3. I was rooting for Serral the whole time, then the Battlecruisers came out and I subconsciously started rooting for Maru.

  4. You gotta love Zerg's mid-game micro against Terran: hold down the "z" and "e" keys and A-move repeatedly. What a ridiculous imbalance.

  5. Did anyone actually not think Serral would win? Did anyone not think Serral would win the same way he crushes all good Terrans, by taking over the map's resources and baneling to death? I really want a new set of rules/paradigms/anything to change stuff up.

  6. I can’t stand the way the videos are edited.
    I want to watch the “ whole “ match , but a bunch of highlights !
    Who else puts up SC2 videos.

  7. For the comments "zerg is OP" or "terran is weakest race" here a reminder:
    Winners of Premier Tournaments (Last two years):
    Protoss: 10
    Terran: 9
    Zerg: 14 (without reynor + serral = 8, they dominate Europe)

    Winners of Major Events 2021:
    Protoss: 14
    Terran: 14
    Zerg: 1

  8. The map at the end of the 4th game looks like one of those "Survive for 15min" missions on the Campaign… Jezz.

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