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StraCraft 2: The FIRST "Best Match of the Year"?! (GuMiho vs Classic)

Amazing game of professional StarCraft 2 between GuMiho (Terran) and Classic (Protoss).

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Your cat may be a “shoulder” cat. Best thing to do when they go for your arm is to lean in to let them climb onto your shoulder.

  2. Per the Starcraft wiki regarding engineering bays flying: "During the Great War, these structures were equipped with the ability to lift off and move to a new location. However, after the Brood War, the engineering capabilities were improved, increasing the personnel of the structure and intricacy of their work. Because of this, engineering bays were no longer cleared for flight."

  3. Definitely to early to call it the best but, this was an awesome match and has potential to be the best of the year.

  4. Yeah not a good start of a day. But listen to this i wake up i walk down the hall kind of sleepy and i hit my pinky finger on some wood which sb left in the hall. It hurts like hell but im like okay i bruised but it it cant be broken. 2h later i hit the same pinky into chair. guess what it was broken the first time and now i only made it worse. Pain of hiting a broken bone again is preeeety baAad trust me :p

  5. Catfood drops all over the floor, Cat scratches him and spills coffee all over him and his new wounds.
    Life: Bad day?
    Watches the best game of the year
    Lowko: Nah, it's a best day of the year

    Real life: No
    Videogames: Yes
    Priorities. Hope you have a good day today, hope your scratches heals well.

  6. Just call these games game of the year nominee and then do an end of the year video where you review all the game of the year nominees

  7. Lol aw Lowko 😛 <3 I'm sorry about your morning! As a cat person I understand the joy and pain of cat companionship lol.

  8. He underestimated his opponent and threw the game the twice; definitely not game of the year material. Great video thou. finger snap and points at you

  9. Lowko, please make a compilation of your favorite named units and have awards for each type of unit… Unit of the year, Most brave unit, Most IDGAF unit, most belligerent unit, etc.

  10. Man GuMiho almost threw this game gigahard. 5-base vs 3-base, 75 workers vs 51 workers, 123 army supply vs 91. He was so far ahead, he just needed to give up the 5th base, and start making vikings a little bit earlier.
    Amazing on classic for managing to make it this close, but that should never have happened.

  11. Lowko, you need to keep tabs on these "best games of the year" and then hold a vote so you could have an "end of the year" Lowko Award for Best Game, and while you're at it, Worst game as well! (We all know you loathe some of these viewer submitted games!) I think it'd be really interesting to see what you pick and why.

  12. Classic might have thought it was 3 base vs 3 base. If he knew about the fourth, it was just plain too greedy to split the army in the end.

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